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Global User Management

Yssel Salas, April 17, 2024

Pipedrive's Global User Management gives you control over the access rights that users have, under five specific categories: Deals app, Projects app, Campaigns app, Global Permissions, and Account Settings.

Access rights

To view the access rights of users in your account, go to Company Settings > Manage Users and, to the right of each user's name, you will see five subheaders representing each category.

The access rights for each category are the following:

Admin access
Regular user access
No access

To change access for a user, click on “..." to the far right of the user, then select Edit access rights.

This will open up the Access rights panel, where you will see the options you have for assigning access or editing permissions.

You can click on the blue check boxes to give access, or use the available drop-down menu to edit the existing permissions:

Once you have made your desired changes, click the green Edit button at the bottom of the panel and Confirm the changes.

Deals app

Deals access allows you to use Pipedrive's core sales functionality. By having access to deals, you will have access to your pipeline, leads, deals, contacts and all related features. Within deals, users are assigned visibility groups and permission sets to control what they can see and do in the account.

Deals access requires a paid seat in your account. Any user added with deals access will be assigned a permission set and visibility group.

Users with deals access will have access to our deals section with the pipeline, as well as our Leads Inbox.

Projects app

This category grants access to project management features and their data. This category requires Deals app access enabled.

Note: Project management is currently free to test in beta to a closed group of users and will be released to more users at a later date. After the beta period ends it will require an additional subscription.

Campaigns app

Allow your users to send stunning email campaigns by enabling access to this feature. This category requires Deals app access enabled.

Note: Campaigns by Pipedrive is available as a paid add-on.

Global permissions

This category grants permission to the rest of the shared functionalities (such as contacts, Insights, activities, workflow automations, importing, etc.) to enhance the cross-product experience.

Global permissions are automatically applied if the user selected has access to at least one app.

Account settings

Account settings access rights give you the ability to view and edit your company billing details, security settings, company settings, user management and personal settings.

Note: Users with account settings only will not have access to deals, so they will not see deals, leads, pipelines and other core features of Pipedrive in the web app and won't be able to login to the mobile app.

If the deals access is not enabled, the account settings user will have a free seat in the account.

If you would like to assign deals access to a user with account settings access, you can do so by enabling both access types for that user. Please be aware that, as you are adding deals access, you will be adding a seat to your subscription.

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