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How can I add notes to a deal or contact?

Jenny Takahara, October 3, 2023

To add a note on a deal or contact, go to that item's detail view and click on the notes icon on the right-hand side of the page. Here, you can create a text-type note and format it or unformat it as needed.

Note: Each note size can be 100kb maximum and you can have up to 100 notes per deal, person or organization.

Hyperlinking and adding images to notes

To hyperlink text in your note, you can click on the link icon and paste the link into the dialog that appears.


To add an image to your note, you can click on the image button and select a locally saved image.


Saving and searching for the note

Once the note is saved, it will show up under the DONE section in your item's detail view, visible to any user who has the visibility permission to see that item. If you want to edit, pin, or delete the note, you can do so after clicking on the "..." button next to the saved note.


You will also be able to search for the note in the search bar to be brought directly to the detail view of the item the note is saved under.

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