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How can I add notes?

Jenny Takahara, November 3, 2023

Notes are a great way to add extra information to the detail view of your items, including links and images.

Adding a note

Note: Each note size can be 100 KB maximum and you can have up to 100 notes per deal, person or organization. If a note exceeds the 100 KB size it will be broken down into multiple notes.

To add a note to an item, go to the detail view and click ”Notes“ in the top right corner.

Basic text features can be found at the bottom of the window and include:

  • Bolding
  • Underlining
  • Italicizing
  • Bullet listing
  • Number listing
  • Indentation (left or right)

You can also click the link button to embed a link into the text in your note.

Note: Text that has a link embedded with appear blue, and you can click on the words to open the embedded link.

Additional notes features

Note: Additional notes features are not available for activities and leads.

On top of the basic editing features for notes, you can also add images and @mention other users in your account.

To add an image to your note, click the image icon and select the desired picture.

You can also use the “@“ symbol to mention another user. Users mentioned receive a notification and they can leave comments on the note.

When you’ve finished editing your note, click ”Save.“

Note: When using the mentions feature, you can either click the ”@“ symbol or use the at key on your keyboard.

Saving and searching for the note

Once you’ve saved the note, it’ll be added under the DONE section of your detail view.

Click the ”...“ to edit, pin or delete the note. When a note is pinned, it remains at the top of the detail view but can still be found under DONE.

You can also search for keywords from your note to find the linked item.

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