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Tips on how to come up with stages for your company
How to edit your pipeline stages

How can I customize my pipeline stages?

Jenny Takahara, June 13, 2022
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Pipedrive comes with a basic sales pipeline that outlines a simple but popular sales flow. As deals move through these stages, you're given a clear visual overview of where your leads are in the sales process.


These stages will suit most people quite well, but it doesn't mean you have to stick with them. In Pipedrive, you can customize how many stages are in your pipeline, as well as the titles of those stages; ergo, customizing your pipeline to fit your business model.

Note: You can also set up multiple pipelines with their own unique sets of stages. To learn more about multiple pipelines, click here.

Tips on how to come up with stages for your company

  • Use the past indefinite tense
    To make sure everyone within your team understands all stages the same way, make sure you use past indefinite tense when creating new names.
    For example, use "Meeting Agreed" instead of just "Meeting". Otherwise, it's difficult to understand when exactly you should drag the deal to that stage.
  • Create stages that correspond to the customers' buying process
    Think from the customer's point of view – what would their buying process look like? What has to happen in order for them to buy from you? That is usually the best way to outline your own selling process.
  • Revise your sales stages later
    ​Feel free to revise your sales stages every now and then. It might take weeks before someone feels entirely comfortable with a freshly described process. The main idea is to help yourself organize sales, not to make things more complicated. So, if some of the stages seem to be confusing then rename them, delete them or add new ones to be clear, what is happening inside your sales pipeline.

How to edit your pipeline stages

Go to the pipeline view and click the pencil icon to the right of the pipeline name.


From here, you can edit any stage attributes, as well as add, delete, or reorder stages.


If you have multiple pipelines, you can also reorder your pipelines here.
To do so, click and drag the tab with the pipeline name and move it to the order that you'd prefer it to be in the list of pipelines.

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