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Reactivating a user

How can I deactivate or reactivate a user?

Breandan Flood, November 2, 2023
Note: This action is only available to users with account settings access.

If an employee has left your company or simply no longer requires access, they can be deactivated from the Pipedrive company account. When a user is deactivated, all of the deals and contacts that they own remain in the account, but also remain owned by that deactivated user.

Prior to deactivating a user in your Pipedrive account, we suggest first seeing if there are any deals or contacts currently owned by that user. To do so, filter for items owned by that user, and use our bulk edit function to change the owner of those items. If you have already deactivated a user that may still have items assigned to their user account, you can view and reassign the ownership of those items to another user in your account as shown in this article.

Note: Deactivated users will still appear in the progress tab of your Pipedrive account.

Deactivating a user

To deactivate a user from Pipedrive, go to Settings > Manage users > Users and access. To the right-hand side of each user, you will see a "...". Click on the "Deactivate" option to deactivate the user you want to remove from your Pipedrive account.

When you deactivate a user, you will also see the data that is currently owned by that user so that you can reassign the items if necessary. You will also see a reminder to remove any unused seats.

Note: Contact support to request the removal of a deactivated user's name and email address. Once the user's email is freed, a randomized name and email will be added in their place.

Removing unused seats

After you have deactivated a user, you will also have to go to your billing overview to remove this seat if you do not plan on replacing it with another user. You can learn about the difference between a billed seat and a Pipedrive user in this article.

  • If you remove this unused seat, you will no longer have an active seat to add a user to. You will be billed for the decreased seat amount from your next invoice date.
  • If you do not remove this unused seat, then that seat still exists in your account and billing remains unchanged. This allows you to add another user to replace the deactivated user easily without having to process multiple billing transactions.
Note: Pipedrive is billed by the number of active seats in the company Pipedrive account. Deactivating a user will decrease the cost of your Pipedrive subscription only if doing so decreases the number of seats in the account. You can read more about the billing process in this article.

Reactivating a user

Any users that have been deactivated can be easily reactivated again at any time in the future. If you want to reactivate a user, you can switch over to the deactivated tab and click on "Reactivate" next to the user you want to reactivate.

If there was an open seat in your Pipedrive account, the reactivated user will fill that seat without changing your billing information. If reactivating a user adds a new seat to your account, your billed seat count will increase, billing you immediately for that new seat. You can read more about this billing process in this article.

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