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How can I log myself out of Pipedrive on my connected devices?

Breandan Flood, November 2, 2023
Note: Each user can have up to three devices logged into the same user account.

In this internet-connected age, there are many ways to access your precious Pipedrive data. To ensure that your account is only being accessed by devices you know, you should regularly monitor the Active devices used to access your Pipedrive user account.

To access this information, go to Settings > Your devices > Active devices in your Pipedrive account.

This page will display the information pertaining to devices that currently have access to your Pipedrive user account, including any mobile devices accessing the account through a web browser or the Pipedrive mobile app.

When clicking on one of the devices, you will see the IP address used when accessing the account, the method used to log in and if the "Remember login" option was enabled when logging in.

If you wish to log out of any of those active devices, click the "Log out" button next to that specific device's name.

Doing so will log that device out of Pipedrive, and they will be prompted to provide valid login credentials again in order to continue accessing the account.

If you want information regarding the previous login sessions for your Pipedrive user account, you can find that under the Device history section of this same page. Learn more about device history in this article.

If you feel that any of your active devices or device history is by an unauthorized device, we recommend you to change your Pipedrive password to secure your account. Learn how to change your password here.

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