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How can I see which devices I have used to access Pipedrive?

Breandan Flood, November 2, 2023
Note: Each user can have up to three devices logged in to the same user account.

When you have a database of valuable information in Pipedrive, you’ll want to make sure that it stays secure. To make sure that your account is only being accessed by devices that you know, you should regularly monitor the Device history of your Pipedrive user account.

To access this information, go to Settings > Dashboard > Device history in your Pipedrive account.

In this area, you will see a list of the devices used to access your Pipedrive user account.

You’ll be able to see exactly what kind of device was used to access Pipedrive and the location and IP address used when accessing the account. Additionally, you’ll be able to see when and how the login occurred and when and how that login session was completed.

If needed, this information can be exported into a spreadsheet – either in .xlsx or .csv format – for your convenience.

If you feel that your Pipedrive user account is being accessed by unauthorized devices, you may wish to forcibly log those devices out. Learn how to log out of other devices here. Once logged out, you may wish to change your Pipedrive password to secure your account.

Learn more about changing your password in this article.

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