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How can I move a deal to another pipeline?

Breandan Flood, September 1, 2022

To move a deal to another pipeline, simply go to the pipeline view and drag the deal you want to move to another pipeline downwards. You should see an option called "Different pipeline".
After you drop the deal into this box, a window will pop up, allowing you to choose the new pipeline and stage you want your deal to be moved to.


You can also move a deal to another pipeline directly in the detail view of the deal. If you click on the "Pipeline/Stage" name under the green bar, a box will pop up, giving you the option to choose the new pipeline and stage.

If you want to move more than one deal at a time to a new pipeline and stage, you can make a bulk edit in the list view of the deals tab. To learn more about how to make bulk edits in the list view, click here.

Note: Once you have moved a deal to another pipeline, it will no longer show up in reports for the previous pipeline.
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