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How can I set default columns for all my users in the list view?

Jenny Takahara, November 2, 2023
Note: You can learn more about how to use filters in this article.

It can be helpful for other users in your account to see things exactly as you do.

That’s why there’s a process to share even the configuration of your list view columns so other users can see them too.

Saving your list view columns

To save the configuration of your list view columns, start by opening the filter dropdown in your list view and selecting a filter.

After you’ve selected your filter, check the box for “Save selected columns with the filter” then click “Save.”

Now, when you or another user opens that filter, the list view columns you had when it was saved will be opened as well.

Sharing your filter

To share a filter with the rest of your account’s users, change the filter’s visibility to “Shared.”

If a filter is set to shared and “Save selected columns with the filter” is checked, other users can open your filter and the list view columns it was saved with.

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