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How secure is my data in Pipedrive?

Jenny Takahara, November 2, 2023

Separate databases, full encryption

Each company’s data in Pipedrive is stored in a separate database. This avoids any risk of unwanted leaks into another company’s database.

The Pipedrive application employs only secure HTTPS connections, where all information is encrypted.

Daily backups and backups of backups

We store backups of your important data, so we can restore your information upon request. All backups of Pipedrive data – no matter where you are – are done through Amazon Web Services. This means your data is safely stored around the globe every day.

Read more about our backup systems in this article.

World-class infrastructure

For optimized performance and compliance, new sign-ups originating from specific regions will be hosted in specific data centers:

  • European Union (Frankfurt, Germany) – This is our primary data center for European Union customers.
  • United Kingdom (London) – This is our primary data center for non-EU European and EMEA customers.
  • North America (USA – Chicago and Oregon) – These data centers serve the rest of the world.
Note: Due to external conditions (i.e. IP mappings) company accounts can be hosted in different data centers.

Perfect privacy

Your sales data is important and should belong to you and you alone. Pipedrive will not have any knowledge or control over the categories or nature of the data you uploaded into your account. We will only process your sales data as directed by you or as outlined in our Terms of Service.

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