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Insights: color customization

Yssel Salas, January 5, 2024
Note: For more information about the types of charts in Pipedrive reports, check out this article.

When you’re building a report, it should match your desired vision as much as possible. That’s why we offer customization options for the color of your report columns, as well as the number of visible columns.

Where to find it

Note: If you haven’t created an Insights report, check out this guide.

To start, go to your Insights and open a report or goal. Then go to the visual builder and click ”...“ > Customize chart colors.

How it works

Note: The colors you choose for segments are reflected on all the charts in your Insights that have those segments, but other users won’t see your selected colors.

Clicking ”Customize chart colors“ opens the color editing window, where you can select a new color for any of your report segments.

You can find a selection of available color options under system colors.

Note: Colors can be customized even if the chart only has one color.

Custom colors

Note: Clicking ”Done“ without checking the “Save to my colors list as well“ box will assign the color to your chosen segment, but won’t add it to your list.

In addition to system colors, you can also click the arrow under Custom color to select a unique option.

Click ”Done“ and your new color will appear under My saved colors (if you checked the ”Save to my colors list as well“ box.)

You can click the pencil icon next to any saved color to edit it.

After you assign a new color to one of your segments, click “Save“ and the color will appear in your report chart.

Note: You can save up to 27 custom colors at a time. When the limit is reached, you can add a new color by editing an existing one. Editing or removing an existing color won’t affect reports that already use this color.
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