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Where is the option to enable JustCall located?
How can I log calls with JustCall?

Mobile app integration: JustCall

Yssel Salas, June 13, 2024
Note: This feature is only available on Android devices.

Efficient call logging is crucial for maintaining accurate records in the Pipedrive app. To enhance this capability, we’re introducing a seamless integration with JustCall, allowing you to effortlessly log calls made from your mobile phone.

This integration simplifies the call logging process, ensuring all interactions are consistently recorded and easily accessible.

Note: If you want to make and receive phone calls and SMS messages from Pipedrive web, you can install the JustCall app for the web from the Pipedrive Marketplace.

Where is the option to enable JustCall located?

In your Pipedrive mobile app, tap the “More...” option. Then, scroll down to tap Preferences > Calling.

Finally, enable the JustCall option.

You’ll also need to enable the option to log outgoing and outside calls to the Pipedrive app. You can learn more in this article.

Note: The option to enable JustCall will only appear if JustCall is installed on the mobile device in question.

How can I log calls with JustCall?

Once the JustCall option is enabled, you can start a call by simply tapping on the contact’s phone number and selecting the JustCall option.

You’ll see JustCall’s dialer prompted, where the phone number will be pre-filled with the existing contact information.

As soon as you finish your call, you’ll see the option to log in to the Pipedrive app.

Note: Your standard network charge will be applied to any calls made from the Pipedrive mobile app.
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