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Pipedrive integration: DocuSign

Yssel Salas, August 4, 2022
Note: To use this integration, you need to be a Smart Docs user.

Electronic signatures have become widely accepted in the business world and, as a result, an essential part of any document management software. By now, countless organizations have switched to paperless processes, which is driving the growth of online document management solutions and electronic signatures.

DocuSign is a fast and reliable solution that allows customers to electronically sign documents and agreements. With the Pipedrive integration, you can request signatures, get envelope status updates and manage documents in one place.

Setting up the integration

  1. Go to Tools and apps > Integrations > DocuSign and click on "Connect now".
  2. You will be redirected to the Pipedrive Marketplace. From there, click on "Install now".
  3. A new window will open and will prompt you to allow DocuSign to connect with Pipedrive. Choose the Pipedrive account you would like to connect with and click "Allow and Install".
  4. You will be redirected to DocuSign, where you will be prompted to allow access to the Pipedrive integration.
  5. Once you have allowed access to the Pipedrive integration, you will be directed back to the DocuSign settings in Pipedrive settings.
  6. Important step: To create envelopes and receive status updates in Pipedrive, you first need to configure DocuSign. To do this, head to DocuSign, click on "Settings" on the top navigation bar, then "Updates" on the side navigation bar.
  • If your settings look like this:

Then you can't create envelopes or receive status updates from Pipedrive since the Send Individual Messages system update status is set as Active. To change this, an admin user must deactivate the setting from their account.

If your settings look like this:

Then the Pipedrive and DocuSign integration should work, and you can create envelopes and receive status updates from Pipedrive.

Note: This status setting can only be changed by a DocuSign admin user.

Create DocuSign envelopes

To create an envelope in DocuSign, you can either use our Smart Docs add-on or upload your documents to the documents tab.

If you use Smart Docs, click on "Share" and "Create a DocuSign envelope" within the edit document view.

You can also create an envelope in the Detail view of a deal or contact by clicking on the button More (...) > Create a DocuSign envelope.

You can also create an envelope in the document preview by uploading a PDF to the documents tab in the detail view.

Click on "Create a DocuSign envelope", and you can review the document. When ready, click on "Continue" to generate the envelope.

Now, you need to add the envelope recipients. You can add up to ten recipients in a single document and set the signing order by checking the box at the top.

In addition, you can specify the recipients' role in the document. For example, if they need to sign the envelope or are only receiving a copy. Here's what it would look like:

Once you've added all recipients, click on "Edit message" to send them a custom message requesting the signature.

Then, you will be prompted to add the DocuSign signature fields to the recipients. Here, you can also update other envelope items besides signature fields, such as recipients, documents of the envelope and configurations like expiration date.

Once the document has the signature fields, click on "Send". The recipients will receive an email from DocuSign asking them to review and sign the document.

Note: A document in Smart Docs can only have one signature process active at a time. An active process includes all processes that have started, including those already completed. If you want to create a new signature process in the same document, you will be informed that one process is already in place and the previous one needs to be canceled.

Envelope and recipient tracking

Once you send a DocuSign envelope, you can track the process and its recipients' most relevant information from Pipedrive. This allows you to keep data in one place without having to switch back to DocuSign to keep track of information or sync data back to Pipedrive.

When the process is finished, the signed documents will be downloaded from DocuSign and stored in Pipedrive.

In blue, you will find the recipient counter. This counter gives you a quick summary of the most relevant recipient information. Click on it to open the recipient modal and see detailed information about your recipients' current status and role.

When you send out a DocuSign envelope, the view tracker will be shown alongside the document version. Note that currently, DocuSign does not support document tracking by showing the number of envelope views.

Still, you can track the document with the sharing link provided by Pipedrive. To obtain the link, click on More (...) > Share as link.

You will see a window with the document tracking link. Adjust the link settings if needed and click on "Copy link".

Now, you can publicly share your document and keep track of its views from Pipedrive.

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