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Pipedrive Integration: Quickbooks

Jenny Takahara, February 19, 2021

With the Pipedrive–QuickBooks integration app, you can create invoices from deal detail view and seamlessly send them over to your Quickbooks account without the hassle of copying and pasting data between the two tools. 

The integration can also provide updated statues on the invoices created from Pipedrive, so you'll know exactly when they are approved, paid, or overdue without leaving the Pipedrive app.  

Enabling the Quickbooks integration

Note: Only one user per Pipedrive company account can have an active Quickbooks integration at a time. 

To connect your Quickbooks account to Pipedrive, go to Tools and apps > Invoicing and select Quickbooks. You will be taken to the Pipedrive marketplace where you can complete the installation flow and grant the app access to your account. 


Once your valid Quickbooks login credentials have been confirmed, you will be directed back to your Pipedrive settings to configure your Quickbooks integration preferences. 


When setting up your Quickbooks integration, you will need to choose the Pipedrive fields and due date that will be auto-populated once an invoice is created in Pipedrive. 

  • TO
    This field is for who you want to address the invoice to. As invoices are typically paid by the Accounts Payable department of a company, we suggest using Pipedrive's Organization - Name field. You can also choose from other organization, people contact and deal fields. 
    This field is for the physical address of the invoice's recipient. Since invoices are typically paid by the Accounts Payable department of a company, we suggest using Pipedrive's Organization - Address field. You can also choose from other organization, people contact and deal fields. 
  • E-MAIL
    This field is the email address of the recipient of the invoice. As the E-mail field in Pipedrive is a Person-type field, we suggest utilizing Pipedrive's Person - Email field. You can also choose from other organization, people contact and deal fields. 
    Not all invoices require this information, but if you have created a custom field in Pipedrive to hold your customer's tax ID information, we suggest applying that field here. 
    Here you can set up the due date of the payment. For example, if the due date is set for seven days after the issue date, an invoice created on March 13th will have have a due date of March 20th.

Once you are satisfied with your choices for the Pipedrive fields to populate your Quickbooks invoices, click the Save button to save your integration preferences for your company Pipedrive account.

Using the Quickbooks Integration 

Once you've finished setting up your Quickbooks integration, you can head over to the Detail view of any deal to create your first invoice. Click on the Invoice tab to get started. 


You will be prompted to fill out the details of your invoice. The information added here will be sent to your Quickbooks account when the invoice is saved. 

    • Customer Details 
      These will be auto-filled based on the fields chosen when setting up your invoicing preferences for Quickbooks. 
    • Invoice Details
      These details need to be filled out based on your company's needs. For example, if you would like to adjust the tax functions of this invoice, which currency should be used in this invoice, or any Quickbooks invoice templates you would like to use. 
    • Invoice Items
      This field reflect the items — like goods or services — that make up the charges in your invoice. These items can be chosen from the dropdown list, which is provided from the 'Products and services' area within your connected Quickbooks account. 

Note: When entering invoice currency details, it's important to make sure the currency applied is the same one as the currency saved under that contact in Quickbooks. If you want to bill in multiple currencies, you will first have to enable the multiple currencies feature in Quickbooks, add the currencies you wish to invoice in, and then save your contacts with the right currency type in Quickbooks before generating invoices in Pipedrive.


You can click on the Save as Draft button once you've entered all of your invoice details. The invoice will now show up saved under your deal detail view's invoice tab and in your Quickbooks account under the contact person. 

If the contact didn't exist in your Quickbooks account before the invoice was created, a new contact will be added along with the invoice. 

What can I do with my invoices inside Pipedrive? 

If you click on the '...', you will have two options for your saved invoices:

  • Download PDF
    You can download a PDF version of your invoice to send to your clients directly 
  • Open in QuickBooks
    Clicking this option will bring you to your Quickbooks account where you can edit, send your invoice, and accept payment. 


All other updates to these invoices can be done from your Quickbooks account. The invoices in Pipedrive will reflect the following flags based on their statuses:

  • Paid
    If an invoice has already been paid.
  • Draft
    If an invoice hasn't been sent to clients yet and is still in the revision stage.
  • Voided
    If an invoice has been voided in Quickbooks.


Note: There's currently no way to send clients Quickbooks invoices directly from Pipedrive. We suggest creating an activity in Pipedrive as a reminder to send those invoices in a timely manner.
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