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Pipedrive integration: WhatsApp by Twilio

Yssel Salas, May 8, 2024
Note: As of August 28, 2023, the WhatsApp integration is no longer available for new customers. Existing users of the integration can still access the feature until February 28, 2024 but it can’t be found in the Marketplace or the messaging app for new users.

WhatsApp is one of today's most popular messaging apps. With over 60 billion messages sent every day, it is a common medium for organizations to communicate with their customers.

Pipedrive's WhatsApp integration: WhatsApp by Twilio empowers you to increase customer satisfaction, expand your reach, improve deliverability and increase conversions, allowing you to grow your business.

How to install the integration

Note: This action is only available to users with account settings access. You can only connect numbers that have been approved by WhatsApp Business and are enabled in Twilio. Refer to Twilio's documentation for more details on how to enable your Twilio number on WhatsApp.
  1. To set up WhatsApp by Twilio with your Pipedrive account, head to Pipedrive's Marketplace, search for WhatsApp by Twilio and click on "Install now". Alternatively, head to your messaging inbox and click on the WhatsApp by Twilio panel.
  2. A new window will open and prompt you to enable the integration to connect with Pipedrive. Choose which Pipedrive account you wish to connect to. Next, click "Allow and Install".
  3. Select the app visibility in Pipedrive for your connection with WhatsApp by Twilio.

    • Private visibility settings:
    Only the user who installed the app can see and reply to WhatsApp conversations and link them to contacts, leads, or deals in Pipedrive.
    • Shared visibility settings: Any account user can see and reply to WhatsApp conversations and link them to contacts, leads, or deals in Pipedrive.
  4. Once the app is installed, you will be redirected to the messaging settings in Pipedrive to complete the integration process.
  5. Twilio must approve your WhatsApp number before using it in Pipedrive. Follow the instructions to connect your Twilio account with your WhatsApp number.

  6. When the setup process is complete, authorize your Twilio account to connect to it to Pipedrive by entering your account SID and auth token.

  7. Upon entering the correct credentials, your Twilio account will be connected to Pipedrive.

Once the process has been completed, we recommend sending a test message to your WhatsApp Business account, then checking whether you can see it in Pipedrive’s messaging inbox (Leads Inbox > Messaging).

Note: To use this integration, you must have your WhatsApp Business API number created and approved by WhatsApp and enabled in your Twilio account. While Pipedrive's integration is free, you may be charged fees by WhatsApp for Business and/or Twilio.

Using WhatsApp by Twilio in Pipedrive

In your messaging inbox, conversations are sorted by date, with the most recent one displayed at the top and the oldest one at the bottom.

Each conversation automatically displays the last 30 messages exchanged between the parties. To see all messaging history, scroll up in the conversation.

On the right-hand side of your screen, you can create and connect a deal, lead, or contact to a new conversation or link it to an existing one.

Any message sent through Pipedrive will sync with WhatsApp and vice-versa.

How to uninstall the app

Note: Only the user who installed the integration can uninstall it.

If you wish to delete the WhatsApp by Twilio app from the messaging inbox:

  1. Head to the Leads Inbox > Messaging and click on the gear icon.
  2. You will be redirected to the messaging settings screen to continue with the process.

From settings

  1. Head to Tools and app > Messaging and click on the trash can icon.

  2. Click on the red button to confirm to confirm you wish to remove the integration.

  3. You will be redirected to the main messaging page, from which you can re-install the app if needed. For any issues with your WhatsApp app, check our troubleshooting guide and FAQ section.
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