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Pipedrive Referral Program

Breandan Flood, June 13, 2022

If you’ve ever wanted to suggest Pipedrive to a friend who could use a more organized sales process in their workspace, the best way to do so is our Pipedrive Referral Program! That way, you can help out your friends and receive some free Pipedrive time for doing so!

Note: The Referral feature is for introducing others to Pipedrive. If you want to add your coworkers to your own Pipedrive company account, you can do so by adding them as a user.

To access your company account’s referral information, you can click on your portrait in the Pipedrive app and select "Invite friends and earn rewards".
When you want to recommend Pipedrive, you have multiple ways of doing so.

  • Email: To tell people quickly, type their email address in the "Invite friends by email" area and click "Send" to provide them with an already-composed invitation email.
  • Social media: To send the message via Facebook Messenger, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, click the corresponding button. A new tab will open using your cached login credentials, with an already-composed message about Pipedrive along with your link!
  • Direct link: To send a direct link, simply copy the invitation link found there and paste it wherever you would like to share that with your colleagues.

    You can also select to add your referral link to all of your outgoing email messages by clicking the Pipedrive email signature option found there.


To track the status of these referral invitations, you can see the status of every invitation email you’ve sent at the bottom of this page – from whether it was sent if the invitee accepted it and whether the invitee has started a Pipedrive subscription.

You will also receive an email from Pipedrive to let you know that your invitee started their own Pipedrive trial and your invitee will also be reminded about their referral invitation if they have not used it yet.

The Rewards!

Just for being invited to try Pipedrive, the people you invite to Pipedrive will receive an extra two weeks on their trial period – a total of thirty days to see how Pipedrive works! For inviting people to try Pipedrive, you will receive a variety of rewards, depending on the situation.

  • For sharing your Pipedrive link five times, you will receive your choice of a Pipedrive-branded coffee mug or notebook.
  • For having three friends sign up for Pipedrive, you will receive a $10 credit to your Pipedrive account. You have to be a paying Pipedrive customer in order to receive this credit.
  • For having a referral subscribe to Pipedrive (each company domain counts as one referral), you will receive $100, either through PayPal, as a prepaid debit card, or as an Amazon gift card. You will only receive your payment when your referee's combined payments to Pipedrive have exceeded $100.


To keep track of the people you've referred to create their own Pipedrive accounts, click the "YOUR REFERRALS" tab.
This will allow you to check the status of your invites and provides information for invites sent out in previous versions of the Referral Program.

Note: Anyone you refer to Pipedrive will need to use your provided link – email, social media, or direct – in order for you to receive credit towards any of the below rewards. The referral link cannot be applied after account creation if the referral link was not used.

If you are interested in a career in Pipedrive referral, we suggest learning more about the Pipedrive affiliate program. To learn more, click here.

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