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Setting up pipeline visibility

Pipeline visibility

Steven Reinartz, January 20, 2023

It can be difficult to decide which users should have access to what data, so selecting which pipelines they can see can be useful. With the pipeline visibility feature, you can do exactly that.

Setting up pipeline visibility

Note: Users with deals admin or account settings admin permissions still have access to all pipelines, regardless of restriction.

Go to Settings > Manage users > Visibility groups and select the grid under Deals.

You can choose which pipelines your visibility group has access to by checking or unchecking their corresponding boxes, then clicking "Save".

If you’re on an essential or advanced plan, you only have one default visibility group. So these changes will apply to every user without the required admin privileges.

After confirming your choice, you’ll see a preview of the changes:

Note: All users must have at least one pipeline visible.

If you have your pipeline visibility limited, the blocked pipelines will disappear from your drop-down view.

You won’t be able to access deals from these pipelines, and they won’t appear in list views or search and filter results.


A new filter condition will appear in the deals app when using the pipeline visibility feature. This condition will show whether a user has a deal they own in a pipeline that they can no longer access.

To see these deals, select Deal > Owner > is restricted from pipeline.

Note: This filter will not make these deals visible to users without pipeline visibility.
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