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Jenny Takahara, March 19, 2024

Create a catalog of the products or services you sell through your deals with Pipedrive’s Products feature.

Find the Products feature

The Products feature is available in all plans and you can enable or disable it by going to Tools and apps > Products. Here, you can also select the default tax setting.

Once you enable it, click on the Products icon on the main navigation bar.

Add new products

To add a product to your Pipedrive account, go to the Products tab found on the left-hand side of the Pipedrive app and click “+ Product.“

In the window that appears, you can fill in the details about the product and configure its visibility.

Note: Name” and “Unit prices” are mandatory fields.

Once you save the product, you’ll be able to edit these additional fields in your products’ detail view or list view.

  • Active
  • Category
  • Description
  • Name
  • Owner
  • Price
  • Product code
  • Tax
  • Unit
  • Unit prices
  • Visibility
  • Product custom fields
  • Images (detail view only)

You can also add new products in the “Add deal“ window when adding new deals to your Pipedrive account.

Note: To add a new category, type the name of your category in the category search box and click on Add as new category. You must be a global permissions admin to add categories.

Products list view

In the list view you will be able to see your added products and edit product details directly.

You can filter for products alphabetically in the top left corner of the screen or create custom filters.

You will see product-type fields as an option within your filters. This allows you to narrow down your searches or export your data according to product-specific fields.

To bulk edit your products, you can click on the checkboxes to the left of your products and select the field you want to edit in the bulk edit panel that appears on the right side.

To delete products, select your products and click on the trash can icon that appears at the top of the Products page.

Note: Deleting products requires permission to be granted through permission sets. You can adjust these permissions by going to Settings > Manage users > Permission sets.

Product detail view

If you click on the product’s name from the products list view, you will be taken to the product’s detail page where you can view and edit information related to your product.

Edit the product’s details

To edit the values of the fields, click on the pencil icon in the product details window.

If you want to add product custom fields in this section click on More actions > Customize fields.

If you want to add images to the product, find the Image section in the sidebar and click on the Upload area.

Then, select a file from your computer to upload it.

Note: Supported image types are PNG, JPG, GIF, in a file size up to 15 MB.


To manage the product followers, click on the “Followers“ button on the right-hand side of the screen.


Click on the “+” button in the participants section to open the participant management window. Then, type the first letters of the contact you want to add.

If you want to remove participants, click on the trash bin icon next to the participant name.

View and add product prices

The prices tab will show you all of the price options for that product. Each product can have more than one price listed at a time. To edit or delete any existing product prices, you can hover over the price and click on the pencil or trash can icon.

  • Unit price – The price of each unit sold
  • Cost per unit – Cost related to each sold unit of the product
  • Direct cost – Cost related to the development or production of the product
Note: Only the unit price will be displayed in the products list view and detail view. The cost per unit and direct cost fields are purely notational.

If you click on the “+ Price” button, you can add a new price for your product.

Note: You will only be able to add one price entry for each type of currency.

View deals linked to the product

The deals tab will give a list of all of the deals that currently have that product linked. You can filter to view by deal status in the row above the list. You can learn how to link products to deals in this article.

To adjust the columns in your deals list, you can click on the gear icon on the right side and adjust your columns accordingly.

To export the list you see to a spreadsheet, you can click on the “Export” button.

View and upload files

In the files tab, you can see any files that have been uploaded to this product, as well as upload additional files from your device.

If you click on the "[...]" button you can add a description, download, or delete your file.


Product-specific fields

The products feature includes multiple data fields specific to products, which can optimize your experience.

Field nameDefinitionExample
PriceThe monetary value assigned to one unit of a productMy company sells pants, and the price of blue jeans is $25 a pair.
Product codeA custom code used as shorthand to identify productsThe product code for blue jeans is 2174.
Tax %A percentage taken from the total cost of an order and added on as an additional feeThe price of jeans is $25, with a 10% tax rate, so the total cost is $27.50.
UnitA measurement or standard amount of physical quantity for a productA pair of jeans represents one unit, but a box of jeans is four units.
Unit pricesThe price of a product per unitA box of jeans is $80, and there are four pairs in a box, so the unit price is $20 for a box and $25 individually.

Generate quote documents

Note: The Smart Docs feature is included on Professional and higher plans and is available for the Essential and Advanced plans as an add-on.

You can generate quote documents for your deals using the Smart Docs feature.

If you have a template that has product placeholders, the information about the products linked to the deal will be added automatically to the document.

Note: The use of Product images in Smart Docs is only available for users who connected their cloud to Google, use Google Docs and have the product image placeholder in a product table. Product images in Microsoft Smart Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides are not supported.

Export products

Note: This action is only available to users with deals and global admin permissions enabled.

You can export your product catalog and the products linked to deals by going to Tools and apps > Export data.

Select Products and one of the export options:

  • Entire product catalog
  • Only products added to deals

Then, click on either CSV or Excel. Your export file will appear in the Generated exports list. To download the file, click on the cloud icon in the Available until column.

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