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Recurring Revenue feature

Jenny Takahara, June 26, 2021
Note: This feature is available on our Advanced, Professional, and Enterprise plans. The Revenue forecast report is only available on Professional and Enterprise plans.

If you are in an industry that is focused on recurring billing or subscriptions, the Recurring revenue feature can help track and project your earnings over time, even long after the deal has been won.

This feature is split into two locations: the deal's detail view and the Insights reporting feature.

  • Deal's detail view
    Set up and manage your deal-specific subscriptions or payment plans.
  • Insights report
    Track your total earnings and losses from recurring revenue over time with advanced reporting.

Set up recurring revenue for your deals

Under the Revenue panel in a deal's detail view, you can set up a Subscription or Payment Schedule for your deal's billing plan. A subscription will reflect a recurring billing plan, and a payment schedule can be customized for a more flexible billing plan.



You can set up a subscription for your deal to for payments that happen on a regular schedule.

To get started, go to the Revenue panel of a deal's detail view and click on +Subscription. In the window that appears, you can fill in the subscription's recurring amount, description, number of payments (option to set as infinite payments), interval, and start date.

Note: If infinite payments is selected, payments will be generated automatically until the subscription is canceled.

If you want to add a one-time payment to your subscription, for example a setup or initiation fee, you can add this under Additional Payments.


When you click Save, the subscription plan will appear as active under the deal's revenue panel.


Payment Schedule

If your deal requires a payment plan that is not on a set cycle or amount per payment, you can set up a Payment Schedule instead of a subscription. This will give you more flexibility in customizing your deal's payment plan.

Click on + Payment schedule to get started. In the window that appears, you can fill in the subscription's total amount, number of payments, interval, and start date. The individual payments will automatically populate under Payment Schedule, but you can update the description, amount, and due date for each payment.

Note: The 'amount' and 'due on' details under the individual payments will override any settings set in the general settings above.


Updating or deleting your billing plan


If you click on the pencil icon in the revenue panel of an active subscription, you can edit the Effective from date, Recurring amount, Description, and additional payment information of your billing plan.


What happens if a subscription is canceled?

If a few cycles in, your client decides to cancel their subscription, you can easily adjust this under the recuring revenue panel to cancel all future cycle payments. This way, your reports will show only the revenue for the cycles that have already occurred and not for any future ones.

To cancel a subscription, click on the '...' under your revenue panel and click on Cancel subscription. You will have to enter the cancellation date before confirming.


Multiple Payments

If you click on the pencil icon in the revenue panel with a payment schedule, you can edit the description, amount, and due date of the payment schedule. You can also add or delete individual payments from your billing plan.


Deleting your billing plan

If you want to delete a subscription or payment schedule entirely, you can click on the '...' under your revenue panel and click on Delete subscription. This will completely remove all cycles of the subscription from your reports and allow you to create a new one for that particular deal.

Hiding the Revenue panel from your Detail View

If you want to hide the Revenue panel from your deals detail view, click on the '...' button on the top right corner of the page and click on Manage sidebar sections. From there, you can unselect the Revenue panel in the options that appear. You can learn more about sidebar management in this article.

This will hide the revenue panel from all of your deal detail pages, but not affect your recurring revenue insights reports.


View Subscription Revenue report in Insights reporting

Note: Your recurring revenue reports will only report on deals that have subscription plans set up.

You can keep track of your subscriptions using the recurring revenue type reports in the Insights feature. To see these reports, go to Progress > Insights, click on '+' symbol next to your Reports tab, and click on the Subscription revenue report.

subscription revenue

By default, the filter applied will show you all payments due this year, but you can always adjust the filter or add conditions according to how you want to see your data.

recurring revenue filter

The Subscription revenue report

The Subscription revenue report will give you a report on the total amount of revenue generated by recurring, one-time, or payment schedule type revenues, according to the time frame selected. If you want to group your earnings by a different time frame (monthly, quarterly, yearly, etc.), you can do so by adjusting the filter in the x-axis of the graph. The report will show you past earnings as well as projected earnings for future payments.

The table under the graph will give you a summary of the average payment and total payment broken down by the time grouping chosen.

Note: Recurring and One-time amounts reflect subscription plans, and Payment schedule amounts reflect plans added under +Payment schedule.

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