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How to make a field required
Where do required fields appear?

Required fields

Breandan Flood, April 3, 2024
Note: This feature is only available on Professional and higher plans. Setting up and editing the required fields can only be done by global admin users.

During any sales process, the data that you collect on your clients is extremely important. Pipedrive's required fields allow you to select which of your data fields should be mandatory while adding or editing a deal, contact person, or organization. This means that users in your account will not be able to add or edit new items or move deals until the required fields have been filled in.

How to make a field required

To use the required fields feature, go to Settings > Data fields. When adding a custom field, you will see the option to make the field required.

By clicking to expand the options when editing a deal field, you can select which pipelines and stages your field will be required for. You also have the option to make your fields required in all pipelines, all stages.

Note: You can only expand the options for lead/deal type fields. Person, organization and product type fields will always be required.

You can edit your custom and default fields by going to Settings > Data fields. Scroll down to the default field you would like to make required and click on it to edit the field.

Once you have marked your field as required, it will appear under the quality rules section of your data fields page. Here, you will see which of your fields are marked as required or important.

Where do required fields appear?

If any of your users do try to add an item and leave a required field blank, they will see an error message stopping the item from being created.

If any users try to move a deal to a new stage without a required field filled in, they will be prompted to add the required information.

If you would like to bring attention to specific fields, but not make them mandatory, you may wish to try out our important fields.

Note: Currently, the required fields feature will not stop deals from progressing if the fields are updated via import, bulk-editing, API, automations, or third-party integrations.
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