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Adding a second email account
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Syncing multiple email accounts

Steven Reinartz, May 22, 2024
Note: The email sync feature is only available on Advanced and higher plans.

Email sync is an incredible tool for communicating and managing customers’ conversations. Multiple email accounts can be synced simultaneously, making it even easier to keep your email organized.

Adding a second email account

Note: For general information about email sync, as well as how to set up your initial sync, check out this article.

Syncing a second email account follows the same process as syncing the first.

Start by going to your email sync settings and clicking ”+ email account.“

Add your email address, confirm your login information, and you’ll see the new email address ready to sync.

To complete the sync, choose your sharing settings, preferred labels and past sync, then click ”start syncing.“

You’ll see the second synced email address alongside the first when the connection is complete.

How it looks

Note: Your sender address is determined by the default address selected in your email sync settings, but you can choose a different synced email address from the available drop–down.

After syncing multiple email addresses, you’ll see all of them in your Sales Inbox.

You can view the combined synced emails from all of your email accounts or select a specific address to view emails from.

Default email account

The default email account you choose is used to perform automated email functions.

This means that while you can have multiple email addresses synced simultaneously, only one can be designated for automated emailing at a time.

Having no default email account

Note: You can still choose your preferred sender email from the drop–down options, even if you have a default email account assigned.

You can choose not to designate a default email address, in which case you‘ll choose a sender email from the dropdown in your composition window before sending.

Note: Sending emails using automations requires a default email address. If you switch your default account, your email automations will be executed with that address.

How many addresses can I sync?

Note: Account settings admins can see all company users’ active email account sync usage details in the usage section.

The number of email addresses you can sync at the same time depends on your Pipedrive subscription.

Pipedrive plan
Number of accounts you can sync
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