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What is API?
How does API work in Pipedrive?

What is API?

Steven Reinartz, November 10, 2023
Note: For a more in-depth guide about how API is used in Pipedrive, visit our CRM API page.

Pipedrive offers a variety of automated features and third-party integrations that can make your work easier and more efficient.

But if you want more advanced communication between your website and Pipedrive account, you might be interested in API.

What is API?

Note: API can be complex to set up and use, and is a tool mostly used by software developers. If you’re new to API, we highly recommend visiting our Developer's corner for more detailed information.

In simple terms, API (application programming interface) is a way for two or more applications to communicate.

This can be simple, like retrieving some data from an external database, or more complicated if you need to manipulate data in bulk, but API is a bridge that connects businesses to save employees time.

Basic API Terms

Here’s a short list of terms and definitions related to API.

API call
the act of sending a request to your API after setting up an endpoint
API endpoint
the end of each touchpoint in an API interaction.
API request
when a developer adds an endpoint to a URL and uses that endpoint to call a server or database.
a unique identifier used during API requests to ensure a person or software is who it says it is.
API integration
a connection between two or more applications to exchange data using API.
(JavaScript Object Notation) is an API format that uses JavaScript. Using API often requires at least a basic understanding of scripting language.
Note: For more information about which users can access API in your account, check out this article.

Common API use cases

Here are some common applications of API for web pages.

  • Integrating internal and external systems
  • Adding additional functionality
  • Bringing costs down
  • Improving internal security
Note: For a more in-depth look at API use cases, check out this webpage.

How does API work in Pipedrive?

Note: To keep your data secure, it‘s extremely important that your API token is not shared with others. If you believe someone has access to your API token, click “Generate new token“ to create a new one. You’ll need to update any existing API connections with the new token afterward.

To create an API connection between your Pipedrive account and another application, find your personal API key by going to Settings > Personal preferences > API.

Once you have your token, you’ll need a platform to facilitate your API requests, like Postman.

Setting up Postman

Note: Postman isn’t a Pipedrive tool, but it can be used to execute API actions with your Pipedrive account. For an in-depth guide to Postman and how it works, check out their web page.

To use Postman as your API platform, follow this link to our Developer’s corner, then either download Postman using the provided link or click “Run in Postman“ if you’ve already downloaded it.

After you “fork collection,“ you’ll be taken to the Postman workspace, where you can see the available API requests through Pipedrive on the left.

Creating an API request usually requires a few things:

  • Your API token
  • An endpoint (i.e deals)
  • An HTTP verb (i.e GET)
Note: Pipedrive uses RESTful API Reference, and you can access it along with a list of endpoints and their descriptions on this developer’s page. To see the list of endpoints, click the arrow next to API Reference at the top of the page.
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