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What is the difference between annual and monthly billing in Pipedrive?

Breandan Flood, May 15, 2023

The difference between annual and monthly billing in Pipedrive is the frequency at which the provided billing information will be charged with a Pipedrive invoice. You can look at our pricing page for more details on our plan options.

Annual billing

When you are on annual billing, subscriptions are charged once for the balance of one full year, and will not be charged again (assuming no alterations to the number of users in the Pipedrive account) until the year is over.

Being on the annual billing cycle will give you a discount compared to if you had opted for monthly billing.

Note: If you cancel an annual subscription, you will retain access to the account until the end of the subscription period. Annual accounts are prepaid, and therefore can't be refunded.

Monthly billing

When you are on monthly billing, subscriptions are charged on the same date each month every month for as long as that subscription is active.

You can cancel your account at any time, taking effect on the next payment date.

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