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What happens after WhatsApp is removed?
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WhatsApp by Twilio integration FAQ

Steven Reinartz, March 1, 2024
Note: As of August 28, 2023, the WhatsApp integration is no longer available for new customers. Existing users of the integration can still access the feature until February 28, 2024 but it can’t be found in the Marketplace or the messaging app for new users.

Now that the WhatsApp integration is being removed from Pipedrive, you may have some questions about where to go from here.

This article is designed to answer questions you might have about your existing WhatsApp data, as well as where to find this functionality next.

What happens after WhatsApp is removed?

Will my Whatsapp messages be deleted once the app is deactivated?

All WhatsApp messages that are linked to a deal, lead or contact are preserved in Pipedrive as a note. Other messages can be accessed on your Twilio account or subaccount SID.

What are some alternative apps that as a replacement for this app?

We suggest you explore:

If you proceed with an app that uses Whatsapp Business API (i.e. the WABA app) you‘ll also have to initiate a request to migrate your existing phone number from Twilio to the new provider.

How can I migrate my existing phone number to a new provider?

Note: For more information on this process, check out this article.

Start by creating a support ticket with Twilio to disable 2FA on your Whatsapp phone number (you’ll need to provide the Account SID and phone number) and then your destination provider can initiate the migration request.

Will my messaging history also be migrated to the new service provider?

The following data is preserved when migrating to another provider:

  • Display name
  • Quality rating
  • Official business account status
  • Messaging limits
  • Any pre-approved, high-quality message templates

However, message and chat history won’t be migrated (per Meta’s policies.)

What other details do I need to keep in mind if I decide to migrate to a new provider?

Note: For more information about discovering Facebook Business IDs, check out this article.

Here are a few extra notes to keep in mind during your migration to a new provider:

  • You can only migrate numbers within the same business. This means the Facebook Business ID must be identical, between the BSP (Business service provider) you’re migrating with and the new account you have with the new BSP.
  • Please note that only the Facebook Business Manager ID of the account-owning Business Manager can support the migration. If the Business Manager has access but is not the owner, the migration won’t work.
  • You must have physical access to a phone to be able to receive and verify the 6-digit PIN code through SMS or Voice Call for every number to be migrated.
  • Two-factor verification must be disabled for the number linked to each Whatsapp Business Account. This requires a support ticket with Twilio to request that their team disable 2FA.

Questions about using WhatsApp

If you’re still using the WhatsApp integration, you can find answers to questions about its functionality here.

What Pipedrive plan offers the WhatsApp by Twilio integration?

The integration is available across all plans for no extra charge. Please note that both WhatsApp and Twilio may charge additional fees.

Does the WhatsApp integration offer audio or video calling?

No, the integration currently doesn’t support audio and video calling.

How can I update my logo and business profile for my WhatsApp account?

When you submit a Twilio phone number to be enabled for WhatsApp, you must provide a display name to appear on your in-app profile for WhatsApp users. It’s also recommended to provide additional information, such as your business address and a link to your logo.

If you don’t initially submit this information or need to change something, you can update your profile information via the Twilio Console. To update your profile info for a WhatsApp sender, visit the WhatsApp Senders page in the Twilio Console and click on the sender you wish to edit.

Can I start a conversation via WhatsApp through Pipedrive’s messaging inbox?

Like most other messaging apps, a WhatsApp business account requires contacts to send the first message to initiate conversations with businesses. Luckily, WhatsApp provides many options for how users can contact your business. Learn more on this page.

Can I broadcast messages via the messaging section?

No, Pipedrive’s messaging inbox doesn’t support broadcasting.

Which visibility settings are available for the messaging inbox and Messenger integration?

The integration offers two visibility settings: private and shared.

Private: Private visibility mode means only this user can:

  • See conversations in messaging inbox
  • Receive new messages and send replies
  • Link conversation to contacts, leads or deals

Note that conversation details that are automatically synced and stored to the related contacts, leads, or deals may be visible to other users based on their permissions.

Shared: Shared visibility mode means any user can:

  • See conversations in the messaging inbox
  • Receive new messages and send replies
  • Link conversations to contacts, leads or deals

All conversation details that are automatically synced and stored to the related contacts, leads, or deals may be visible to other users based on their permissions.

What are the integration requirements?

To enable the WhatsApp by Twilio integration, you must own a paid Twilio account and enter your approved business WhatsApp number. At a point during the installation, you’ll be asked for your Twilio account SID and access token. Watch this video on how to obtain them.

Note: You must also be a Pipedrive company admin in order to install the messaging inbox app extension.

Who can uninstall the integration?

A company admin (app owner) is the only person who can uninstall the messenger app from the messaging inbox settings page.

Who can change WhatsApp’s visibility settings?

Only the app owner, the user who initially installed the app, can change the integration's visibility settings.

Can I integrate my private WhatsApp with Twilio?

No. According to WhatsApp’s rules and Pipedrive’s API, you can only integrate WhatsApp business accounts created via official business providers (like Twilio).

I have submitted a template on Twilio and it was rejected. Why?

WhatsApp provides a number of reasons for rejecting a template. Learn more here.

Can I edit or delete my WhatsApp message templates?

You can’t currently make changes to a template after its submission. Instead, we recommend that you submit a new template request with the desired changes. You can find more information about that process on this page.

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