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What kind of messages are available in WhatsApp Business?
How to create WhatsApp templates in Twilio
How to use WhatsApp templates in Pipedrive's messaging inbox

WhatsApp by Twilio integration: templates

Yssel Salas, May 8, 2024
Note: As of August 28, 2023, the WhatsApp integration is no longer available for new customers. Existing users of the integration can still access the feature until February 28, 2024 but it can’t be found in the Marketplace or the messaging app for new users.

What kind of messages are available in WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp Business allows two types of messages:

  • Template messages: Outbound messages sent via WhatsApp Business that use one of the pre-approved templates. Since they're sent to users who have opted-in to receive messages from the business in question, they are normally unsolicited transactional messages (delivery alerts, appointment reminders, etc.).
  • Session messages: All incoming messages or outbound replies to those messages within 24-hours. A messaging session starts when a contact sends you a message and is valid for 24 hours. Session messages don't need a template and may include media attachments.

WhatsApp Business requires all message templates to be approved before they can be used to send notification-type messages to users.

The templates that do not meet the criteria or usage guidelines will be rejected and cannot be used. If your message templates are rejected, it may be due to the reasons listed in this document.

How to create WhatsApp templates in Twilio

To start conversations with new contacts or existing contacts you haven't interacted with for more than 24 hours, you must use a message template.

To submit a message template in Twilio, navigate to Messaging > Senders > WhatsApp templates.

Learn more about sending WhatsApp notification messages with templates here.

Best practices for writing WhatsApp templates

Following the below guidelines will increase the chances of your templates being approved and ensure your customers enjoy interacting with your business.

  • Templates must have a clear purpose. For example, adding placeholders such as {{1}}, {{2}}, etc. is considered vague and might result in your templates being rejected.
  • Templates must contain include all the necessary information.
  • Templates must be grammatically correct. Grammar and syntax mistakes might rsult in your templates being rejected.
  • Twillio's messaging type and language must correspond with those of the template.

    Note: A new template approval by the WhatsApp team might take up to 3 days.

Once your template is approved, you will see an approved sign next to it in Twilio console > Messaging > WhatsApp templates.

Approved templates will be synced with Pipedrive's Messaging inbox.

How to use WhatsApp templates in Pipedrive's messaging inbox

  1. In case your last contact hasn't exceeded 24 hours, click the template icon to generate a reply from WhatsApp templates:

  2. In case your last contact has exceeded 24 hours, you can reply using the template messages approved by WhatsApp. If your contact replies, you will be able to send standard messages again.
Learn more about WhatsApp by Twilio app here. If you encounter installation issues, refer to our Troubleshooting guide or FAQ section.
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