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How can I sort by multiple columns?

When you are viewing your data using our List View functions, you can sort the information by clicking on column headers.
Sometimes, you may need to sort by two different columns at once in order to get the view of the relevant data within your account.

Note: You can sort by a maximum of three columns using this function. 

To sort by multiple columns in Pipedrive...

  • Go to the List View of either your Contacts or Deals tabs.
  • Click on a column header of the first item you wish to sort.
  • Move your mouse cursor to the second column header, and hold down the SHIFT key and click the column header.
  • Repeat as needed, up to a maximum of three sorted columns.


Note: Shift-sorting will only adjust your results if the data in the others column is sequentially different from each other, as displayed in the video above.

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