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Note: The Products feature is one of the many useful features of Pipedrive’s Gold plan. To learn how to switch plans, click here


Enabling the Products feature

As not all customers may require the Products feature, it is not enabled by default in Pipedrive. 
If you would like to enable this feature...

  • Go to Settings > Customize > Features in your Pipedrive account.
  • Find the Products feature, and click On.


Once done, the Products feature is now enabled for your company Pipedrive account.
The feature can now be accessed from the Go to Products link found in the Settings > Customize > Features page, or through the Products tab found at the top of the Pipedrive app.

Note: Enabling the Products feature will also generate two other options in the Features tab — Price variations and Product durations. Both of these features enable further fields to provide further detail for the products in your Pipedrive account. 

Adding Products

To add a Product to your Pipedrive account...

  • Go to the Products tab, found at the top of the Pipedrive app.
  • Click Add New Product. 
  • Fill in the details about the product. Only the Name field is required.
  • Click Save​.

You can also add new products as needed when adding new deals to your Pipedrive account. 

Products and Deals

When creating a deal, the Deal Value can be either set directly or Products can be added to define the value of the deal, based on the total of the price of the products added.
To use your Products to dictate the value of a deal, click on the Attach products button, now found in the Add deal prompt.



Back on the Detail View of that Product, you are able to track those deals where that product is used to dictate value.


With the Products feature enabled, you will see Product-type fields as an option within your filters.
This allows you to narrow down your searches or export your data according to Product-specific fields.


To learn more about filtering in Pipedrive, click here


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