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How can I optimize my spreadsheet for importing?

Note: Importing into Pipedrive is only available to Admin Users.

Importing your spreadsheets is typically very simple, but can be a little complicated depending on the scope of your import. Whatever that scope may be, the below tips may be helpful when planning your next import. 

Advanced importing

To download the sample import spreadsheets seen in the video, click here

Avoiding formulas

Many times your spreadsheet of data will contain formulas and calculations. We recommend using a fresh spreadsheet without any formulas for importing data. If you have a spreadsheet that uses formulas or data linking to generate your outputted data, just copy all of your data on your spreadsheet and paste into a new sheet without the formulas.

Note: Use CMD+A or Ctrl+A to select all contents in your spreadsheet, and CMD+C or Ctrl+C to copy all all contents in your spreadsheet. After that, you can paste the content into a new spreadsheet, making sure to paste the values only. 

Importing into stages that have the same name  

If you have many pipelines in your company Pipedrive account, you may find that they contain stages that have the same name, like 'Lead In' or 'Provide Quote'. These similarly-named stages could cause quite a headache when trying to import deals into correct stages in your pipeline.

To prevent any issues, we suggest adjusting your spreadsheet to specify the exact pipeline and stage. To do this simple, we suggest adjusting the stage names in your spreadsheet to be in a 'Lead In (Pipeline 1)' versus 'Lead In (Pipeline 2)' format.

Formatting dates 

For the best chance of success when bringing it date information from your spreadsheet into Pipedrive, we suggest making sure that any date field in your spreadsheet is properly formatted as a date in Excel.

While fields formatted as plain text may also work, we still suggest formatting as a date, as that provides the most consistent success when attempting to bring in that information.

Note: If you receive an error when attempting to import a spreadsheet, the issue may stem from your spreadsheet: while there is no maximum limit on the number of columns in the spreadsheet, the maximum file size is limited to 50mb, with a maximum limit of 50,000 rows within the spreadsheet.

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