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Tips on optimizing your spreadsheet for importing data

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Importing your spreadsheets can be very simple or a little complicated depending on the scope of your import. Whatever the scope is, these tips and details will be helpful when planning your import.

Advanced importing


Formatting dates 

When importing data into a Date field in Pipedrive, there are a few things to take into consideration as far as how your information is formatted:

  • What format you're documenting your days, months, and years in the cell (7/04/2014 for example)
  • How the column in your spreadsheet is formatted (date, or plain text)


The image below shows you an import that was done using 5 different formatting techniques, and how they showed up in Pipedrive. Study the image to see how your dates will turn out: 

Formatting addresses

Importing addresses and Google Maps

Before you go importing physical addresses into Pipedrive, it may save you a good deal of time to review this video so you can see how addresses and Google Maps integrate with Pipedrive.

To summarize, all physical addresses and Address-type custom fields are geo-coded with Google Maps; this means that the system requires you to enter a full address in one string, as if you were searching for an address on Google.

If you have your addresses broken into multiple different columns, it would be a good idea to merge your columns together to produce one column of full addresses.

The CONCATENATE formula is perfect for taking different address parameters and combining them into one cell. This is used to then import a full address into Pipedrive to utilize the Google Maps functionality.

As the video above states, the letters and numbers of this formula will differ depending on where they are in your spreadsheet, but here is an example of what we used:

=CONCATENATE(D2,", ",E2,", ",F2,", ",G2)

Here it is in action:

Note - Copy and paste (use the values only option in Excel) your data with the new combined address cell to new spreadsheet before importing it to Pipedrive. You should always import spreadsheets without any formulas (including the CONCATENATE formula used here).


Avoiding formulas

Many times your spreadsheet of data will contain formulas and calculations. It is highly recommended to use a fresh spreadsheet without any formulas for importing data. If you have a spreadsheet that uses formulas or data linking to generate your outputted data, just copy all of your data on your spreadsheet and paste into a new sheet without the formulas (Edit, Paste Special, Values only).

Tip - (CMD + A or Ctrl + A to select all contents in your spreadsheet, and CMD + C or Ctrl + C to copy all all contents in your spreadsheet. After that, you can paste the content into a new spreadsheet, making sure to past the values only)