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Note: This action is only available to Admin Users.

The User list of Pipedrive — found in Settings > Manage Users > Users — provides you with an excellent overview of each user in your Pipedrive account, including what actions they are allowed to take and what information they have been given permission to see.


Note: The first user to start a new trial account is automatically given Admin User rights. Any users promoted to Admin User privilege can remove the Admin User permission of the initial user, if need be.

  • Name
    The name column notes each user's name as it appears in Pipedrive, along with the email address associated with their account, which is also the email address each user uses to log into Pipedrive. 

  • Role
    The role column provides information regarding that user's visibility group, which dictates what information they are allowed to view in Pipedrive. If a user has not been given a visibility group, they will be noted as an unassigned user. For more information about visibility groups in Pipedrive, click here

  • Permission Set
    The permission set column provides information regarding that user's permission set in Pipedrive, which dictates what specific actions they are allowed to perform, like deleting deals or editing products. For more information about permission sets in Pipedrive, click here.

  • Last action
    The last action column provides specific information regarding that user's time in Pipedrive. If it has been a long time since a user logged into Pipedrive and made updates to information, the exact last date and time information will be noted here. If it has been a short period of time, you may see some more general information, like '1 day ago'. If a user has yet to log into Pipedrive, it will be noted here, and a link to re-send their Pipedrive invitation link, if possible.


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