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How to bulk-update your Pipedrive data with a spreadsheet

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The ID feature

Bulk-editing with a spreadsheet import

The ID feature

The ID feature allows you to push mass-updates to your currently existing Pipedrive records (Deals, People, Organizations) with a spreadsheet import.

Let’s say for instance we wanted to add an additional custom field to our People such as a field that documents their job title? Or say we want to give our Organizations new addresses? Or how about we even want to change the values of our deals?

We could use the bulk editing and filtering abilities of our list views to edit data in large chunks, but what if you already have all the data you need in a spreadsheet, and you just need to get it into Pipedrive without creating duplicates?

Well this is where the ID function comes into play. Every record gets a unique ID assigned to it by Pipedrive once it gets created. People, Organizations, and Deals all have their own unique IDs. These can be found in the URL of the detail pages, or you can make it visible in your list views.

What we can do, is download a list of our currently existing data, which includes the ID fields, make whatever changes we want to in our spreadsheet, and then upload that spreadsheet to Pipedrive, using the ID field to easily map the new data to our records. 

Which ID's & fields should I use?

Simply use the ID and the fields you want to update

  • Deals - Include the Deal ID plus any other fields you'd like to update.
  • People - Include the Person ID plus any other fields you'd like to update.
  • Organizations - Include the Organization ID plus any other fields you'd like to update. 

Where do I get the ID?

ID numbers can be found in the URL of your record, or in the list views.

If you’re trying to edit your Deals, then head over to your Deal list view.

Note - You can get Deal, People, and Organization ID's all inside of the Deal list view. However, if you have Contacts with no deals history, they won't show up in your deal list view. You'd have to use the Contact list view to get those IDs.

If you’re trying to edit your Contacts (People or Organizations), head to your Contact list view.

What you do next, is make sure that you configure the columns in your list view to include the IDs of our People, Organizations, and Deals if applicable.

Using the ID to update fields

Once your list is configured to display the fields you want, here is where you can narrow down your results by a filter if necessary.

For instance what if you only wanted to map new fields on deals that were only in the Idea stage? You can use the filter to get real creative with the criteria you’re looking for. But I digress! Once you’re all set, just export the list here.

Once you're certain that your list view contains all the details you need, export your results in the upper right corner:

From here you can make whatever changes you want in the spreadsheet itself. We could even change the names and contact information for our People, and because we’re using the ID number, Pipedrive will force the update to go through to that specific record, even if the names don’t match.

Once you've made all the edits to your exported list, just upload the spreadsheet to Pipedrive, and map the appropriate ID's to their columns.

Once you're done mapping, continue with the usual import steps, and enjoy the fruits of your labor, as the ID feature will force your updates to the correct records.