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Jenny Takahara, November 25, 2022

Using Pipedrive's Marketplace, you can ensure success by integrating Pipedrive with a variety of applications and plugins to enhance the power of your sales team. Many of these applications can be accessed directly in the Pipedrive app using their app panels, saving you from switching between tabs and allowing you to get the most out of the integrations Pipedrive has to offer.

App panels live on the right side of the detail pages of your deals and contacts, providing you with the most recent contact or deal-specific information pulled in from the third-party app, as well as allowing you to take actions to the third-party app directly in your Pipedrive account.


App list and installation

Currently, these seven apps will be added as an app panel in the detail views of your deals and contacts:

If you haven't installed the chosen app in your account yet, you can head over to the Pipedrive Marketplace and connect it with your Pipedrive account. If you have multiple Marketplace apps set up, you will see a separate panel for each of these apps.

Note: Each user will have to install the app separately in order to see the panel in their accounts.

Managing your app panels

If it's the first time integrating the app with Pipedrive, you will have to activate the panel by clicking on the "Activate app panel" button.


Data in the app panels are cached for some time, so if you would like to see the newest data, you can click on the refresh button.
The latest updated time is shown under the panel title.


Information from your integrations may not always be relevant at all times. If you're working in the detail view and want to hide your app panel information, you can click on the "Collapse" button.


By clicking on "Panel settings", you can also set the panel to auto-expand or collapse if the object matches an existing field, choose which fields you want to show or hide and rearrange their order.

App panels gif

You can see all the fields available, including hidden fields by clicking on "View all fields".

App panels gif 2

To remove an app panel from your detail view, you can click on the "..." button in your panel > Remove panel.

Note: If you wish to restore the panel after it's been removed, you will have to reinstall the app.

App actions

You will also see app-specific actions by clicking on the "..." dropdown in the app panel. These actions are set up on the third-party app's side and will allow you to seamlessly make actions in the third-party app directly from Pipedrive.


Each app panel can display 1–5 objects. What each object contains will depend on the app you have installed. For example, if you are using PandaDoc, each document linked to that deal or contact will be an object in your PandaDoc Panel.

If there are more than 5 objects for a panel, (e.g., 6 PandaDoc documents linked to a deal), you may see a "see more" option which will take you to the third-party app to view the additional data, if the app developer has chosen to include this option in the integration.

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