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Automatic assignment FAQ

Yssel Salas, November 2, 2023

How are opportunities distributed within a team?

They are distributed on a round-robin basis, meaning each team member will be assigned an opportunity in sequential order.

The distribution is on a per-rule basis. If a person belongs to more than one team or has more than one rule assigned to that person specifically, they will have more opportunities assigned.

What opportunities can be automatically assigned?

You can set rules for newly created deals and leads and existing deals that are moved to a new stage or pipeline.

Can I define the minimum or maximum number of open opportunities for a user?

No. Currently, it’s not possible to set a minimum or maximum of open leads or deals.

The feature will continue to assign opportunities to users as long as they match the conditions, are next in line and if new opportunities are available for assignment.

What type of admins can set up rules?

Deals app admin roles can view and set up rules in Automatic Assignment.

My sales rep is on vacation this week. How can I ensure they are not assigned opportunities during this time?

A deals app admin user will need to disable any rules set for that specific user and remove them from any teams that may have rules (within the Teams functionality settings).

Which sources are supported for lead and deal created?

No matter where the lead or deal is created (e.g., import, API, manually, lead converted to a deal, etc.), it will always be assigned as long as it matches a rule.

Are default and custom fields supported in conditions?

Yes, both the default and custom fields for the entity (lead or deal) are supported, as well as the entity (lead or deal) related person and organization fields.

Learn more about fields in this article.

Can multiple individual users be added as assignees instead of Teams?

No, an opportunity can only be assigned to one specific user or distributed among a team. Opportunities cannot be distributed among numerous individual users.

Can all admins view all of the rules and assignments?

Yes, all deals app admins can view any rules set up by other deals app admins and all successful and failed assignments.

What happens if an admin user who has set up a rule has their Pipedrive account disabled?

Any rules set up by the deals app admin user who is deactivated will also be deactivated but remain visible in the list view of Automatic Assignment.

Another user with deals app admin permissions can enable the rule again.

Is it possible to set a rule to reassign a deal that is updated?

Only existing deals that are updated by being moved to a new stage or pipeline can be automatically assigned.

Currently, it’s not possible to set rules to reassign deals that have some other update (e.g., a custom field is updated with a new value).

Can I define the weight (percentage) of opportunities assigned to each team member?

No. At the moment, it’s not possible to distribute opportunities within a team based on weight.

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