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Calling and Logging calls in the Mobile App

Breandan Flood, June 21, 2021


1: iOS

2: Android

Calling from the iOS app

Calling a contact person from the Pipedrive mobile app couldn't be easier. When you have a deal or contact person's page open, just click on the green phone icon next to the listed number.


If you want the call logged as an activity under your deals or contacts, you will first have to go to More > Preferences > Call logging and enable the feature.


Once you turn this on, the mobile app will then automatically prompt you to log phone calls as activities once the phone call is over. In the Call Summary view of the prompted activity, you can fill in the activity details and notes, as well as schedule follow up activities for that contact.

Note: iOS system limitations will currently only log outgoing calls that you make from inside the Pipedrive mobile app. This means that Pipedrive won’t prompt you to log incoming calls or any outgoing calls made from outside of the app.


Note: Call logging also only works with the phone number listed under the default phone number field of the person contact, meaning calls from numbers listed under notes or custom fields won’t be logged.

Pipedrive users who use WhatsApp can also configure the Pipedrive mobile app to make phone calls through the WhatsApp application. To enable this, go to More > Preferences > Call Integrations and enable the WhatsApp option found there. The option to enable WhatsApp will only appear if WhatsApp is installed on the mobile device in question.

Caller ID in the iOS app

The Caller ID feature on iOS devices will show the caller and linked organization name as long as the number exists in Pipedrive under an existing contact person.
It’s important to keep in mind that Caller ID on iOS devices will only work for numbers with country codes. iOS platform restrictions only give the ability to show the Pipedrive contact name on an incoming call.

Calling from the Android app

Note: To make calls from an Android device, you will first have to enable calling from the Pipedrive mobile app. You can learn how to enable calling in this article.

If you want to make phone calls to your contacts in the Android app, you can go to the deal or contact’s detail page, and simply hit the phone icon.


The Android app can log both incoming and outgoing calls. To enable the call logging feature in the app, go to “…” > Preferences and enable the log calls options accordingly.

  • Log outgoing calls on Pipedrive
    This option will allow you to log outgoing calls made from the Pipedrive app as activities
  • Log outgoing calls outside Pipedrive
    This option will allow you to log calls made from outside of the Pipedrive app as activities.
  • Log incoming calls
    This option will allow you to log incoming calls from Pipedrive contacts.
  • Caller ID for incoming calls
    This option will display the contact name, and any linked organization and deal names on the screen for any incoming calls.


Your calls will then look like this when it's logged, allowing you to write down notes and enter other details related to the call:



Caller ID in the Android app

With the Caller ID feature on Android, you will be able to see the caller name, company, and deal information on your screen as long as the number exists in Pipedrive as an existing contact person.
Any missed calls from existing contacts will leave a Missed Call Notification, with the options to “call back” or “add activity”, to schedule a call for a future date.

Note: Your standard network charge will be applied to any calls made from the Pipedrive mobile app.
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