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Add a team goal
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Can I set goals for my teams?

Breandan Flood, January 23, 2024
Note: This feature is only available on Professional and higher plans. Professional plan accounts will be limited to three teams, Power plan to fifteen teams and Enterprise plan users will have unlimited teams.

If your account is currently under a Professional, Power or Enterprise plan, you can create and set goals for teams in your Pipedrive account, allowing you to have a more dynamic look into the progress of your company.

You can learn more about the goals feature under Insights in this article.

Note: Admin users can create company, team and personal goals. Managers can create team goals for teams they are the manager of and user goals for users they are managing if they have permission enabled. All users can create personal goals for themselves.

Add a team goal

To add a team goal in Pipedrive, go to Insights > + > Goal.

Choose the type of goal you would like to create for your team. You can learn more about the types of goals that you can choose in this article.

Filling in goal details

When creating a goal for your team, you will need to choose that team name under the Assignee field.

Track your team goals

Once you save your goal, you can see it under the Goals section of your Insights navigation. Click on a data point in your goal report to view more details on your goal or export your data.

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