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Filtering for my won, lost, or deleted deals

Jenny Takahara, June 9, 2021

You can filter for your won, lost, or deleted deals in the Pipeline View and Deals List View.

Filtering in the Pipeline view

The Pipeline view defaults to show only open deals, so you will have to create and apply a filter to see won, lost, or deleted deals. To create a filter, go to the filtering icon in the top right corner of your screen and click on Add new filter.


You can create a filter that matches to following conditions to see all of the won, lost, or deleted deals in your account.


If you want to only see deals in one status (e.g. all deleted deals), you can adjust the filter to only have that condition.


Filtering in the List view

The same filters can be applied in the list view to filter for won, lost, or deleted deals.

Filtering in the pipeline view is pipeline specific, so if you want to get the same results in the list view, you will have to specify the pipeline that you want to see data for.


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