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How can I cancel my paid Pipedrive account?

Jenny Takahara, April 15, 2024
Note: This action is only available to users with account settings access. If you’re looking to cancel a trial account, please see our guide.

Cancelling a paid account

You can cancel a paid account by going to your Billing tab and selecting “Cancel my subscription at the bottom of the page.

The first step lets you review the data in your account and the features it comes with.

Note: By canceling your subscription, you’ll lose access to all your data. Learn how to export your data to avoid losing it in this article.

At Pipedrive, we understand there are times when you might need to cancel the service. For statistical purposes, submit a reason for leaving.

Then, click ”Continue to cancel“.

The last step in the process is to fill out a brief questionnaire. Your feedback is extremely important to us, as it helps us improve our service and your experience.

Once you fill it out and consent that you’ll lose access to your data, click ”Cancel my plan”.

Note: The option to click ”Cancel my account” won‘t be clickable unless all of the questions have been answered.

Cancelling an add-on

To cancel an add-on, click on “Manage add-ons”.

You’ll see a list of the add-ons that are being billed to your account. Click “Remove from plan”.

Once you remove the add-ons, you’ll be able to proceed to the next window “Review purchase”. Then, in the next window, confirm the subscription changes and click “Confirm purchase”.

Note: Chat with our support team before canceling to discuss offers and solutions to keep your account open.

What happens after you cancel?

Note: After canceling, you can still access your data and account until the end of your billing cycle. After that, you won’t have access to your Pipedrive account.

Once you have canceled, you‘ll receive an email confirming the cancellation of the subscription.

A yellow banner on top of the page in Pipedrive will confirm you canceled properly. Please follow the above steps and contact support if you don’t receive an email.

We suggest exporting all of your Pipedrive data before closing your account. If you want to reopen your account again before it’s permanently deleted, you can simply import your data back into Pipedrive.

Note: Due to GDPR policies, we’re obliged to permanently delete accounts that have been canceled for a period of six months. You can learn more about the permanent deletion of the accounts in section 13.3 of our Terms of Service.
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