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How is the subscription cost of the Pipedrive invoice calculated?

Breandan Flood, November 2, 2023

When calculating the cost of your invoice, Pipedrive factors in three things:

  • The number of active seats in your Pipedrive company account – You will be billed by the number of seats you have and not users. Learn more about seats in this article.
  • The subscription plan you are on (Essential, Advanced, Professional, Power, or Enterprise) – Visit our pricing page to know more about our plans and their prices.
  • The billing frequency – Being monthly or annual. Annual subscriptions are paid upfront for the entire year and come with a discount. Monthly subscriptions pay full price. For more information about the difference between monthly and annual billing, you can look at this article.
Note: Your currency and payment options will be determined by your location. Learn more about our payment methods in this article.
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