Importing followers and participants

Breandan Flood, June 4, 2021

When working with deals, you may want to add followers or participants in bulk to save you the time it takes to add them manually. Both participants and followers can be added to your account by importing spreadsheets.

For general information on importing data to Pipedrive with spreadsheets, you can read this article.

Importing followers

You can add followers to your contact people, organizations, deals, and products by importing spreadsheets, allowing you to save time rather than adding them manually.

When creating your spreadsheet, add a column for your Followers. If you would like to add more than one you can add them to the same cell separated with commas ",". Here is an example of how your spreadsheet would look.


When importing your spreadsheet, you can map your columns to the Followers option of your Pipedrive data fields.


Click on the pencil icon in order to map your followers, making sure that you select the correct user in your account that should be added as a follower of the item.


After running your import, your deal followers should be visible in the deal detail view.


Note: You can import followers, but you are not able to export followers.

Importing participants

Importing participants can only be done by updating existing deals in your account. To import participants, you will first have to export a file with the deal Pipedrive system ID's for any deals you wish to update and add the participant information before reimporting the spreadsheet. You can read this article for more information on how to use the Pipedrive system ID to update items.

When creating your spreadsheet, you will need to add individual rows for each of the participants you wish to add, as well as the deal contact person. The person in the last row with that deal ID will be added as the main contact person, with all others added as participants. If there is an existing contact person in the deal, they will be overwritten and added as a deal participant.

Here is an example of how the spreadsheet would look. As Hermione Granger is in the last row, she will be added as the deals new contact person.


When mapping the import, make sure to map the Pipedrive System ID field for your deal.


In the detail view after you have run the import, your participants will appear in the deal detail view. Although Harry Potter was not in the spreadsheet, as he was the deals original contact person he will still be a deal participant after the import is complete.


You will also see Hermione Granger as the deal's contact person.


Note: Participants can only be added in bulk when updating a deal. They can not be added if you are importing new deals.
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