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Lead source in deals

Yssel Salas, June 19, 2024

The lead source fields for your deals and leads enhance data-driven capabilities. You can manually enter the source or have it automatically populated when a lead or deal is added.

This ensures that the same data is attached to your business opportunity, even if it is later converted or archived.

Why are source fields important?

The Source field structure provides a comprehensive overview of where your leads or converted deals originate and how this data is integrated into Pipedrive.

This applies whether you use Pipedrive add-ons like LeadBooster, Web Visitors, Campaigns, Marketplace integrations or other tools of your choice.

Key Benefits

Centralized Source Data
Maintain all source-related data throughout your sales cycle in one place.
Performance Tracking
Use Insights to track the performance of various Lead/Deal sources.
ROI Analysis
Identify which sources convert into the most deals and analyze won/lost deal ratios.

Practical Examples

  • Identify which specific web form (web form ID) is generating the most won deals.
  • Determine which specific email campaign (campaign ID) is bringing in the most won deals.

Enhanced Automations

  • Quickly follow up on open opportunities by understanding their sources.
  • Choose the best approach based on the Lead or Deal source.
  • Build workflow automation based on the source, reducing manual and repetitive tasks.

Where can I find the source fields?

You can find them on the deal detail’s view sidebar.

Source fields structure

What it means
Is it editable?
How the data was added to Pipedrive
  • Manually created
  • Import
  • API
  • Automation
  • Marketplace
  • Prospector
  • Lead suggestions
  • Web forms
  • Chatbot
  • Live chat
  • Web visitors
  • Campaigns
  • Messaging Inbox
No, it’s populated by Pipedrive’s default system
How the data was added to Pipedrive

Unique ID value. E.g, the ID of a Pipedrive form

No, it’s populated by Pipedrive’s default system
Note: Can be edited via API
The sales or marketing tool that added data to Pipedrive
Multiple options list defined by an admin user
Admins user can edit or delete values
The specific item from the sales or marketing tool that added data to Pipedrive
Custom value

Setting up the default source channel list

Admin users can edit the source_channel field in Company Settings > Data fields. Admins can add or remove source channels to reflect the channels and tools in use.

Note: If an admin deletes a source channel from the list of values, it will be removed from all records (open, won, lost, archived deals/leads) along with the connected source channel ID. Before deleting a source channel, use list view filters to identify where the value appears. Update these records as necessary to avoid unintentional data loss.

Non-Editable Fields

source_origin and source_origin_id are system-generated fields. These can't be edited and serve as system information to assist with data management and maintenance.

Editable Fields

source_channel and source_channel_id can be edited by all users, either individually or in bulk. The source_channel is selected from predefined values in the source_channel dropdown menu.

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