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Jenny Takahara, May 13, 2021
Note: If you don't see notification settings in your personal preferences, you may have the updated Sales Assistant enabled in your account and will need to manage your notifications in your Sales Assistant panel instead. Read more about managing your notifications in this article.

One of the most important parts of sales is being aware of the progress of the conversations you're having with your customers and the activities that keep those conversations going.


To stay updated, we suggest utilizing the notifications option found in the Sales Assistant feature in the Pipedrive app to stay aware of all of the updates made to the information you own or follow. The notifications are found once you click on the Sales Assistant icon in the top right corner within the Pipedrive app. You can scroll down past the suggestion cards to see your notifications.


Whenever changes are made to items that you own or follow, you will receive a notification in this location. These updates can be marked as read to remove the notification signifier.


Native Desktop notifications

If you would prefer highly-visible, real-time information about the updates in your account, Pipedrive also offers native desktop notifications.
When enabled, native desktop notifications will provide your updated information immediately in the bottom-right corner of the Pipedrive app in your window.


To enable native desktop notifications in your account, go to Personal preferences > Account > In-app desktop notification. Make sure to click on Save to confirm your changes.


If you feel that this is not sufficient for helping keep you up-to-date on the changes occurring in your account, we have other options available, such as the Email notifications feature.

Email notifications

Email notifications can be customized by going to Settings > Customize > Personal > Preferences > Notifications.
Simply choose the information you wish to be contained in those email notifications, how often you would like to receive them, and click Save.

Note: Keep in mind that updates done by users you are following will also appear in the body of these email notifications.
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