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Managing permission sets and adding users

Permission sets

Yssel Salas, May 17, 2023
Note: This page is only available to users with account settings access.

When managing a team, there will be occasions when you will want certain users to not perform certain tasks in order to reduce the chance of mistakes or duplication of a user's workload. To allow you to categorize your users and dictate what actions they will be allowed access to, Pipedrive offers permission sets.

While visibility groups in Pipedrive dictate what users in your account are able to see, permission sets inform what actions certain groups of users are allowed to perform within Pipedrive.

Managing permission sets and adding users

To manage your permission sets, go to Settings > Manage Users > Permission sets. You can see the permission sets and the number of users under each set in this view.

The level of customization you are able to add to your permission sets is set by which Pipedrive plan your account is currently on.

  • Admin user
  • Regular user – can be fully customized
  • Admin user
  • Regular user – can be fully customized
  • Admin user
  • Regular user – can be customized
  • Custom permission sets (up to 2)
    • Admin user
    • Regular user – can be fully customized
    • Custom permission sets (unlimited)
    Note: Admin users have all permissions enabled by default.

    Select the permission set to see which permissions are enabled and add or remove users from that permission set. Regular and any custom sets can be fully customized, while admin users will always have all permissions enabled.

    Click on Edit permission set to enable or disable permissions for that permission set.

    New users added to your company account will have regular user permissions for deals and global by default.

    Note: Only users with account settings access can enable or disable permissions for other users.


    Any user in a different permission set will be limited in what they are able to do or see, based on the following parameters:

    • Change a deal’s owner
    • Delete deals
    • Convert deals to leads
    • Merge duplicate deals
    • Edit deals won/lost date


    • Change a lead’s owner
    • Merge duplicate leads


    • See the number of deals and value sum in pipelines and deal list views
    • Add, edit and delete projects
    • Add, edit and delete templates
    • Add, edit and delete project boards and stages
    • Link project to deal
    • Add, edit and delete project activities
    • Manage sender and domain information
    • View campaign reports
    • Send campaigns
    • Edit campaigns and email templates
    • Delete campaigns and email templates

    Data management

    • Set up new custom fields
    • Edit custom fields setup
    • Delete custom fields from setup
    • Import data from spreadsheets
    • Set up labels
    • Bulk edit items
    • Export data from list views

    Sharing within company

    • Share filters with other users
    • Edit shared filters of other users

    Sharing externally

    • Share Insights dashboards as public links


    • Use email tracking


    • See other users’ statistics in Insights
    • See the company’s statistics in Insights
    • See other users’ data
    • Follow other users to see their items
    • See the names of items and users they can’t access
    • Change visibility of items


    • Delete activities


    • Change a person’s owner
    • Delete people
    • Merge duplicate people


    • Change an organization’s owner
    • Delete organizations
    • Merge duplicate organizations


    • Change a product’s owner
    • Add products
    • Edit products
    • Delete products
    • Delete product price variations

    Tools and setup

    • Add workflow automations
    • Access their own API token
    • Add and import Smart Docs templates
    • Access security dashboard
    • Manage users and permissions
    • Access company settings
    • Access billing

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