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Permission Sets

Jenny Takahara, September 24, 2021
Note: This action is only available to Admin Users. The number of permission sets you have will depend on your plan.

When managing a team, there will be occasions when you will want certain users to not perform certain tasks, to reduce the chance of mistakes or duplication of a user's workload. To allow you to categorize your users and dictate what actions they will be allowed access to, Pipedrive offers Permission Sets.

While visibility groups in Pipedrive dictate what users in your account are able to see, permission sets inform what actions that certain groups of users are allowed to perform within Pipedrive.

Managing permission sets and adding users

To manage your permission sets, go to Settings > Manage Users > Permission sets. You can see the permission sets, descriptions, and number of users under each set under this view.

permission sets

The level of customization you are able to add to your Permission Sets is set by which Pipedrive plan your account is currently on.

  • The Essential and Advanced plans have two permission sets — Admin User and Regular User. The Regular User permission set can be fully customized.
  • The Professional plan has three permission sets — Admin User, Manager, and Regular User. Both the Manager and Regular User sets are fully customized.
  • The Enterprise plan has further permissions — all of the above, plus additional custom sets. Every permission set except for the Admin User set is fully customizable.

Select the permission set to see which permissions are enabled and add or remove users from that permission set. Regular, manager, and any custom sets can be fully customized, while admin users will always have all permissions enabled. New users added to your company account will be a regular user by default.

view permission sets

Click the edit (pencil) or "..." (more) icon to enable or disable permissions for that permission set.

edit permissions
Note: Only Admin users will be able to delete products, organizations, and people.

Admin Users in the Pipedrive account are able to perform any action and view all items in the company Pipedrive account.


Any user in a different permission set will be limited in what they are able to do or see, based on the following parameters:

Data management

  • Add custom fields—Users will be able to add custom fields.
  • Edit custom fields setup— Users will be able to edit custom fields.
  • Delete custom fieldsUsers will be able to delete custom fields.
  • Import data— When on, users can import data — like deals, contacts, products, or activities — into Pipedrive.
  • Set up lead/deal labels—Users will be able to add, edit, and delete deal, contact and lead labels. Please be aware that whether this permission set is selected or not, regular users can always assign labels.
  • Bulk edit items—Users will be able to use the bulk edit function in the List View.
  • Export data from list views— Users will be able to export data from Pipedrive using the Export data option in any List View.

Internal sharing

  • Share filters with other users— Users will be able to share their filters with other users.
  • Edit shared filters of other users—Users will be able to make changes to shared filters.

External sharing


  • Use email trackingUsers will be able to use the open tracking and link tracking functionality with their email sync.


  • See other users' statisticsUsers will be able to see the statistics of other users in the company account under the Insights tab.
  • See company's statisticsUsers will be able to see general company statistics under the Insights tab.
  • See other users' names— Users will be able to see the names of other users in the account.
  • See the number of deals and value sum in pipelines and deal list views—Users will be able to see the total number and value of deals by stage and pipeline.
  • See all items of other users they follow— Users will be able to view the items owned by users they are following.
  • See the names of items and users they can't access— Users will be able to see the names of items they do not have visibility of. These items will show as "(hidden)" if the permission is off.
  • Change the visibility of items— Users will be able to change the visibility of specific items in Pipedrive.


  • Delete activities— Users will be able to delete activities.


  • Delete deals— Users will be able to delete deals.
  • Convert deals to leads— Users will be able to convert deals to leads. The "Delete deals" permission will also need to be enabled since converting a deal to a lead will act as deleting the deal.
  • Merge duplicate deals— Users will be able to merge deals.
  • Edit deals won/lost date— Users will be able to edit a deal's won or lost date. These fields are important for maintaining accurate statistics.




  • Add products— Users will be able to add products to the products catalog.
  • Edit products— Users will be able to edit products.
  • Delete products
  • Delete product variations


  • See Security Dashboard— This allows for users in this permission set to see user access and security-related activities in your Pipedrive account.


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