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Projects vs. deals

Steven Reinartz, November 2, 2023

Deals are used in Pipedrive to reflect sales and the process used to complete them. But what about after-sales actions businesses take, including internal, pre-sales and post-sales operations?

You can use Projects to reflect these processes, such as shipping a product after a sale is completed or following up with clients regarding repeat sales opportunities. With Projects, you no longer need to duplicate your deals or create different pipelines.


When organizing your Pipedrive data, you may find ongoing initiatives that don't fit into the deal or lead categories. These might include long-term efforts with multiple activities and phases, such as planning a presentation before or during your sales processes or monitoring post-sales actions like shipping.

In Pipedrive, Projects is the perfect tool to address those needs.

You can:

  • Link deals or contacts to your projects
  • Add activities at different phases
  • Monitor your projects' progress

Projects help users better organize project management activities, so they are not mixed up with sales activities (like those you would typically find linked to your Deals in the Pipeline), making their processes run smoother.


Note: The number of open deals you can have depends on your plan. You can learn more about usage limits in this article. Projects are not affected by usage limits.

Deals represent sales or other ongoing transactions within your Pipedrive account. The relationship between deals and projects is similar to that of deals and contacts.

A deal can be linked to a project and vice-versa. However, what makes the projects and deals unique is that you can link as many deals as you want to a Project and vice-versa:

Click on a project's linked deal or the project linked to a deal and navigate between them:

Note: For more information about the Projects feature, head to our Projects FAQ.
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