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Paying for the LeadBooster add-on and Prospector lead credits

Breandan Flood, June 4, 2024

Paying for the Leadbooster add-on and Prospector credits is a simple and intuitive process and only takes a few clicks!

Paying for Leadbooster

Note: You can read more about the LeadBooster add-on and what's included in this article.

To pay for LeadBooster, go to your Leads section, select any of the tools under LeadBooster and click “Activate LeadBooster”.

Then select “Confirm and activate” in the confirmation screen to start using LeadBooster.

Note: It can take several minutes for Leadbooster’s features to become available after confirmation. If it takes longer than that, check your billing to make sure it’s listed there, then reach out to our support team.

How much does LeadBooster cost?

Note: The payment frequency of your LeadBooster subscription will always match your company account’s.

There are two prices for LeadBooster based on your payment frequency:

  • The monthly cost is $39/month
  • The annual cost is $390/year (or $32.50/month)
LeadBooster is a recurring charge that occurs at the same time as your Pipedrive subscription renewal.
  • You can add credits via one-time packages that won’t increase your LeadBooster subscription. However, these credits will be more expensive and appear separately on your invoice.
  • You can add Prospector lead credits when using the Prospector feature or in Billing at any time.
One time purchase
Note: With LeadBooster added to your account, you receive 10 Prospector lead credits monthly at no additional cost.


Note: Unused Prospector credits will be deleted at the end of your billing period and replaced with new credits based on the number of monthly credits you’re paying for.

Prospector is an outbound lead generation tool that allows you to search for and gather high-quality leads based on set criteria and use credits to reveal the leads' data.

Paying for credits

To edit your monthly Prospector credits, go to Billing > “Manage add-ons.”

Then select “Change number” in the Leadbooster section:

and use the slider to select the number of monthly credits you want, then click “Confirm.”

As you move the slider, the cost of credits is reflected on the right. The more credits you choose, the cheaper the cost per credit overall.

As per the monthly credit allowance period, the number you select here represents the credits added to your account at the start of each billing cycle, while the existing credits from the previous billing cycle are deleted.

Note: Adding credits to your account in the middle of your billing period means you receive fewer credits based on the time until your next subscription renewal, and you’re only charged for the new credits added. The full amount is applied starting from your next subscription renewal.

Annual subscription

There are two important things to know about using Prospector on an annual subscription:

On an annual subscription, your Prospector lead credits are added to your account monthly, on the corresponding day of the month your billing cycle started.

  • For example, if your annual billing cycle started on January 4th, you would receive credits on February 4th that could be used until March 3rd, and then you’d receive new credits on March 4th.

Any downgrades you make to your add-on are applied at the end of the current billing cycle.

  • So if you downgrade the number of monthly Prospector lead credits during your annual subscription, the downgrade takes effect at the end of your annual billing cycle.
Note: If multiple changes are made to your monthly credit allowance, the most recent settings added to your subscription are used.

Reading your invoice

Your Prospector credits are split into separate charges on your invoice because the more credits you buy, the cheaper the cost per unit. You can see how this works in the example below:


In this case:

  • The first 10 Prospector lead credits are included in the LeadBooster add-on at no extra cost.
  • The next 30 are $1.00 per credit.
  • The final 60 are only $0.50 per credit.
Note: For information on how Prospector collects data, check out this guide.

Cancelling your subscription

To see your Leadbooster subscription and make changes to it, go to Company settings > Billing > “Manage add-ons.”

From there, you can remove the LeadBooster add-on by selecting “Remove from plan,” and clicking “Add billing details” in the bottom-right corner.

The cost of your next invoice is estimated in the bottom-right corner and adjusts in real-time to any changes made to your subscriptions.

Note: You can use this same method to re-activate your LeadBooster, but you’ll click “+ Add to plan” instead
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