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Schedule emails to be sent later

Jenny Takahara, April 24, 2024

Note: This feature is available on Pipedrive’s Advanced and higher plans.

Schedule emails for later is a feature that allows you to write an individual or group email at any time and schedule it to be sent any day and time in the future.

Scheduling emails

To schedule an email to be sent later, go to your Mail tab > Compose, or select a draft email. Once you are finished composing your email, click on the arrow next to the "Send" button and then "Send later" to schedule your email.

schedule emails for later

You will have the option to select from some set times or pick a custom date and time. The time will be set to your own time zone.

schedule email prompt

After selecting a date and time, you will see the scheduled emails once you go to your outbox folder. Here, you can click on each email to bring up its details and delete or cancel it.

email outbox

Canceling and deleting emails

Before a scheduled email is sent, you will have the option to cancel the email if you change your mind. You can click on the More ("...") button and choose "Cancel and move to drafts" or "Cancel and delete".

cancel and delete schedule emails
Note: There is no way to directly edit your emails if they are already scheduled. If you want to make changes to your email, you can choose to cancel and move to drafts and reschedule that email.

Scheduling emails from the detail view

Emails can be scheduled from the detail view of your contacts and deals. Once an email has been scheduled, it will appear under the Planned section. You can cancel the email directly from this view by clicking on "..." > Cancel the scheduled email.

schedule email detail view

Scheduling group emails

You can also schedule your emails for later while using the group emailing feature.

group email to be sent later

When sending group emails or emails scheduled for the same time, there will be a 30-second delay between sending each email to prevent you from being blocked by your provider. You will be able to send up to 100 emails in each group email.

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