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Shareable Insights

Jenny Takahara, September 20, 2023
Note: This feature is only available on Professional and higher plans. Learn how to switch plans in this article.

The Insights feature will allow you to share your dashboard with internal and external users.

Sharing dashboards with other users

To share your dashboard with other users in your Pipedrive account, click on Share in the top right corner. Then, select the user you want to share the dashboard with.

Dashboards can be shared with everyone in the account, selected users, or teams.

When you share a dashboard, the other user will see your dashboard under the Shared with me section of their Insights navigation.

Removing access to dashboards

To remove a user’s access to a dashboard, open the Share modal and click on the dropdown next to the user. Then, click on Remove access.


When a user is given access to a dashboard or report, they will receive an email notification. There are new “Shared with me” categories in the reports and dashboards sections of the Insights sidebar, where you can find them.

Insights viewers

Shared dashboards set to view-only can’t be updated by users other than the owner. If any changes are made to the reports, they can be saved as a new report and added to your personal dashboard.

The quick filters are still available and specific to the user, meaning you can apply quick filters even when you are not the owner.

As a viewer of a report, users can not:

  • Add reports to the shared dashboard
  • Remove reports from the dashboard
  • Add shared reports to other dashboards
  • Share the dashboards and reports with other users

Performing these actions requires editing access for Insights.

Sharing dashboards externally

Note: Creating shareable links is only available by default to admin users. To allow non-admin users to create links, you can go to Settings > Manage users > Permission sets, and enable the permission called Share Insights dashboards as public links.

You will also be able to share your dashboard with non-Pipedrive users with a public link. To create a shareable link for your Insights dashboard, select a dashboard from your sidebar and click on the Public link in the top-right corner.

Once you create a link, you can copy it to your clipboard and easily send it to anyone who may be interested in how you and your team are doing.

Once the non-Pipedrive users open the link, they will be able to view the dashboard. The shared dashboard will be updated in live time as the data in your dashboard is updated.

The public page is updated after two minutes and a full page reload is done after every hour.

How can I manage viewer access?

If you want to share the same dashboard with more than just one viewer group, you can create multiple links by clicking on "Add new link" under the existing links.

For example, if you want to share the same dashboard with your manager and clients, you can create two separate links and name them accordingly.

Click the pencil icon next to Shared with... to rename your link.

This way, if you want to revoke access for one group, you can do so while still keeping the other link active for your other group.

To delete a dashboard link and revoke access for whoever has that link, click on the trash can icon next to each link.

Reassigning dashboards and reports

To reassign a dashboard or report to a different user in your account, start by clicking on the Share button in your Insights menu:

Next to the names of your other users, you will see a dropdown menu that reveals the option to transfer ownership:

Once you have confirmed and clicked Save, you will see a dialogue box asking you to verify the ownership transfer:

And after clicking Transfer, the dashboard will be owned by the selected user:

Note: After transfer confirmation, the previous owner will be able to see this dashboard under the “Shared with me” section in Dashboards. Reports that are added to this dashboard will be visible under the “Shared with me” section in “Reports”.

The new dashboard owner will receive an email, notifying them of the transfer:

Note: The transferred dashboard will be visible under “My dashboards” in the owner’s Dashboards section. Reports that are added to this dashboard will be visible under “My reports” in the owner’s “Reports" section.
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