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Steven Reinartz, November 2, 2023
Note: This feature is only available to Advanced, Professional and Enterprise users.

Where can I find the item my automation has created?

If you are using an automation to create deals, contacts, or activities and can't find it:

  • First, check your list view, filter by Everyone, then sort by add time/deal created/person created. This will show you the most recent item in that respective list view, where you can look for the item in question:
  • If you can find the item in the list view but not in the deal/contact/activity, make sure the Linked item box is checked:

Can I create automations using rotting time?

Currently, you can't use a deal’s rotting time with automations.

A workaround for this would be creating reminder activity with due dates to match your rotting times. This way, the activity will be due when the deal rots.

What happens when an automation's owner is deactivated?

When the user who owns an automation is deactivated, that automation continues to run in the background if it’s still set to active.

A global admin can disable automations from deactivated users.

Can I create an activity sequence through automations?

Yes, you can! First, you need to create an automation as the first activity in your sequence. An example would be:

Deal created > Deal creator is me > Create activity

Once you have created the first automation in your sequence, you'll need to create the followups. To do this, you'll need the following automation:

Activity updated > Activity status has changed to done > Create activity

Once the activity created in the first automation is marked as done, the second activity in the sequence will be created.

Can items created via API or imports trigger automations?

Items created via third-party web forms or API requests will be considered inputs by our automation tool, as long as there's an automation that matches the corresponding trigger and its conditions.

  • Ex. If you have an automation that adds a label to your deals when they're created, and then you create a deal using an API request, the label will still be added to that deal.

Imports, however, don't trigger automations.

Can I add Products to my deals using automations?

Yes, you can. To add products to a deal, head to deal actions in the automation tool and choose the appropriate event, as seen below.

This allows you to add one type of product at a time (although you can decide the quantity and price in the automation screen.) And if you want to add multiple products using an Automation, simply add additional Action steps for each Product you want to add.

Can an automation be triggered by sending or receiving an email?

Currently, we don't offer automation triggers affected by emails being sent, received, or linked to an item.

While you can use conditions like email messages count, such a condition is passive, meaning it cannot trigger the automation. Instead, you need to perform an additional action.

Can I use integrations with the automation tool?

Several of the Pipedrive's integrations can be used with the automation tool. These include:

Note that you need to follow the installation process to use the automated functions. If an integration is not yet installed, the automation action will appear grayed out, and clicking on it will be impossible.

However, once you install the integration, this action will become available.

Can I use the Projects feature within the automation tool?

Yes, you can! If you have Projects feature enabled and have set it up, you will have access to two different automation actions for Projects: create project and update project fields.

Note: For an in-depth visual guide into the automation tool, check out our weekly webinar.
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