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Filtering by activity type
Filtering by owner
Filtering by due-date

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How can I filter my activities in the list view?

Breandan Flood, 30. oktoober 2023
Note: You can learn more about the filter tool and how to use it in this article.

Managing and completing your activities is an important part of using Pipedrive, and using filters can make it even easier.

Filtering by activity type

Note: If an activity-type icon is blue, that type is being filtered for. If the icon is grey, it’s being filtered out.

You can filter out default or custom activity types by clicking on them in the top left corner of your list view.

You can select “All” to add or remove every activity-type filter. If you want to filter for a single activity type, click “All” to filter out every activity type, then select the one you want to filter for.

Note: You must be an admin user or a regular user with the assigned permission to create custom activity types.

Filtering by owner

Note: A filter for Everyone” shows the activities owned by every user in the account, excluding those blocked by visibility settings.

To filter activities by owner, click the filter drop-down in the top-right corner of your list view and select “Owners.”

From there, you can select any user listed and use them for your filter.

Note: If you don’t have visibility of a linked deal or contact, you won’t have visibility of the linked activity.

Filtering by due-date

On the right side of your activities list view, you can filter by fixed time periods or a custom date range using “Select period.”

Note: You can learn how to filter for activities that you’ve already marked as done using this guide.
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