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Note: The Scheduler feature is available in all of Pipedrive's plans. Pipedrive's Essential and Advanced plans provide a streamlined version of the feature, while the Professional and Enterprise plans provide the detailed version of the Scheduler. To learn how to switch plans, click here.

Half of the battle sales is finding the right time to have meaningful conversations with your customers. Pipedrive's Scheduler tool is a great way to keep in touch with your clients at a time that's convenient for you both.

To start scheduling in Pipedrive, go to the Detail View of any deal, contact, or organization in your Pipedrive account. The Propose times feature appears in same section where you would take notes or add an activity.
You can also go to the Activities tab and click the Propose times button found there, allowing you to manage your saved meetings times quickly.

When using the Advanced or Professional plans of Pipedrive, the Scheduler can also be accessed from any 'Compose mail' function in Pipedrive, including directly from the Mail tab.

The Scheduler's benefits work best when used alongside the Email Sync feature. To learn more about the Email Sync feature of Pipedrive, click here.


When proposing times to your customers in Pipedrive, you may wish to consider whether you'd like to provide a link with your general availability and let the customer choose a time for themselves, or just select a specific time that you would like to propose.


General availability

When scheduling for general availability, you are selecting broader timeframes with a customer. This is designed for larger windows that customers can book for your time, to speak on a regularly-scheduled concept, like providing a product demonstration or webinar.
If you have a more open schedule but want to allow your customers to book a window of their choice, select Set availability — or one of the availabilities you've already programmed — and provide your information.
To learn more about scheduling for your general availability in Pipedrive, click here.

Note: Essential and Advanced users have a limit of one active 'General availability' link, while Professional and Enterprise users have an unlimited amount of active 'General availability' links.

Specific times

When scheduling for a specific time, you are selecting specific slots for a one-time meeting with a customer. This is designed for ad hoc meetings, like lunch meetings or scheduled phone calls.
If you have a busy schedule and recognize that you need to schedule a quick meeting with your customer, select Pick times and select any free spots in your schedule to suggest them to your customer via email.
To learn more about scheduling for your specific times in Pipedrive, click here.

To adjust your programmed information or times for your specific times or general availability, simply select Manage proposed times.

Once you have selected your time from either of the above options, it will auto-generate a link in the body of the email you are composing. The associated text can be changed to whatever you feel fits the tone of your conversation.


When clicked, the customer will be able to see your set times, choose one that works best for them, and officially confirm booking that time on your calendar.
The customer will also receive a calendar invite at their provided email address, so they won't forget about your important time scheduled together.


By selecting a time-slot and providing their relevant details, the meeting with that customer will be saved as an activity in your Pipedrive account, at the time selected by your customer.

Any information provided by the customer — like their name, phone number, and the response to any fields you've programmed in your meeting invitation — will be saved as a note associated with that activity, so you can easily reference it before you speak to your customer.



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