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What happens to my billing when I add a user in Pipedrive?

When you invite a user to join your Pipedrive account, that new user will occupy a seat in your Pipedrive account. If you would like to learn more about the difference between a billed seat and a Pipedrive user, click here.


  • If you already have an open seat in your account, then that user will occupy that open seat. 
    In this case, nothing in the account's billing information will change.
  • If you do not have an open seat in your account, adding a user will increase the billed seat-count in your subscription. This means you will be billed immediately after the seat has been added to your account. The charge you see will be a prorated charge reflecting the time remaining in your current subscription cycle. 

For example, if your monthly Advanced plan ($29 per seat, per month) billing cycle started on November 1st, and you add a second seat on November 15th, you will be charged $14.50 on November 15th, for the two weeks left of the current cycle for your second seat.
On December 1st, you will be billed the total amount ($29 x 2 = $58) for two users on the monthly Advanced plan.

For more information on pricing, take a look at our pricing page

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