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Chrome Extension for Google Mail

Note: The Chrome Extension is available for users on all plans. But, to get the most out of Google Mail and Pipedrive, we highly recommend the Email Sync available in Pipedrive's Advanced, Professional, and Enterprise plans.

If you still find yourself often working in Google Mail's web app and you're looking for a handy solution to track and update your deals without needing to switch between tabs Pipedrive and Google Mail, the perfect solution is here - Pipedrive's Chrome Extension for Google Mail.

Displaying as a small tab inside your Google Mail web app, the Chrome Extension allows you to get a quick overview of the ongoing Deals and Activities you have with a contact person. In addition, you can also add new contacts, create new deals, and add and complete activities.

To get started with the Extension, open Chrome (or download and install it here), then find the Pipedrive Gmail Extension in the Chrome web store (don't worry, it's free!).


From there, click 'Add to Chrome', then 'Add extension' when prompted.

When the Extension is installed, you'll notice the Pipedrive logo in the top right hand corner of your Chrome window, next to the URL bar:


Once you have the Extension installed, log in to your Google Mail account, you'll notice the same Pipedrive logo on the right hand side of the screen:


Click it to open up the Extension, log in to Pipedrive within the widget, choose the company you want to use, and you're away!

From your Google Mail inbox homepage you'll get an overview of the activities you have scheduled. Click on an email though and the real magic happens - you'll be able to view or add contact details for the sender of that email, as well as view and add Deals, Activities, and Notes:


Now you can save time switching between tabs all the time!

Note: The Chrome Extension does not currently support syncing or attaching emails to a Person or Deal. If you would like to sync your emails and attach emails, please use the Smart Email BCC or Email Sync to add your emails to Pipedrive.


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